Friday, July 8, 2011

going on a brief hiatus;


from the beginning, when i first started my blog, i told myself "im only going to blog for fun. once i feel like blogging has become a chore or a job, im going to stop." - - i've reached that point.

dont get me wrong, i've really enjoy blogging and i am ever so thankful that you guys are always so sweet & supportive, but for the past two months, i havent been having fun with blogging. it really has become like a chore. and people are constantly nagging me. and im not enjoying the emails either; so to anyone who has emailed me in the past month ... you probably wont be getting a response. sorry.

im not going to leave this blog, i promise. i'll miss it too much if i do leave it. but im "going on a brief break" ... not going to worry about this blog for a while. i might randomly pop in every once in a while until i get back into the blogging spirit.

also, i just wanna thank everyone who has been nice & patient all this time, im realllllly thankful.

but for now, this is it.

i'll be back, i promise.
till then,


  1. Aw Katrina, I know what you mean! For me, blogging became the reason why I did my nails rather than me doing my nails and sharing them on my blog ~ maybe that's why I've been uninspired. I'm surprised people nagged you about your blog though o: I hope that you'll come back once in a while and hope all goes well for you! No matter what, we're supporting you :) Take all the time you need~♥

  2. It should be fun, so I understand why you do this =)
    So take care until then and have fun!

  3. oo don't worry! If you feel bad about this, stop blogging for a while is a good thing and we will be here and will read all your future posts :)
    take care <3

  4. lol hehe. sorry about ppl nagging you. ok take care! yeah mei took a break.. but i didn't tell anyone. I found out someone was so mean and started talking smack about my blog/nail polish painting skills on twitter and posting my post on their site saying mean things. argh they didn't even read my post saying that polish was horrible to work i got sad/angry..jaded about polish boo. the break really helps. enjoy other things about life and come back whenever.

  5. Enjoy your break and looking forward to reading your posts again when you are back :)

  6. *hugs* Enjoy your break, all the people that matter will still be here when you get back :)

  7. Everyone deserves a break. I'm sorry to hear about people nagging you over email and that you now feel that blogging is a chore. Take care and will be anticipating your return for more inspiring nail designs. :)

  8. Have a fantastic break, enjoy it! Blogging should never become a chore it should always be fun. I will miss reading your blog!(:

  9. Awww. I hardly ever comment to anybody, but I wanted to throw a little support your way. I hope that things turn the other way for you before long, and people knock off the entitlement of thinking they can nag at you. I'm more than happy to wait for when you're ready and can enjoy things again. *hugs*

  10. I've only just started following you recently but you are so creative! I'm not surprised you get lots of emails. I'm glad to see you're not leaving but just taking a break. :)