Monday, April 16, 2012

giveaway winner & holo zigzag mani;

hello :)

im happy to announce that Kelsey is the winner of the Verge 360 Hair Salon Sponsored Giveaway! thanks everyone for participating and once again, a big thank you to Verge 360 hair salons in Pittsburgh for sponsoring the giveaway.

onto my mani;

2 coats of my favorite glitter holo polish, Studio M’s Magic Attraction. sadly, the picture does not do any justice to how awesomely holo the polish is ... and i know, theres not much zigzag-ing going on besides for the ring finger. haha

hmm .. guess this is it for now.

have a good one,


  1. i LOVE these nails! putting that holo polish on my wishlist!

  2. Congratulations to Kelsey!! :D

    Lovely manicure!! :D

  3. congrats to the winner

    nicely painted nail like it

  4. Oh wow! This polish looks gorgeous! And you're saying pictures don't show it truly... o_O

  5. Love this look! Where'd you get the holo polish? I should get me some... :)

  6. love this! im really into doing tape manis and stamping over holos lately!

  7. thank you ladies~

    Jen, i got my bottle at Meijers.

  8. Thank you so much again! I'm so excited. :) And that holo is amaaaazing!

  9. how did you do the zig-zags? i assume u used tape and some zig zag scissors to cut the tape? thanks! such a beautiful and fun mani!

    1. nope, the zig zags were done freehanded -- no tape. thank you :)

  10. Cooles, Design, mach doch mit bei unserem Nailart Wettbewerb:

    LG BNails

  11. this glitter nail polish looks so lovely and for 2 coats aswell! i think the zig zags on just one finger looks better than if it was all fingers :)