Wednesday, May 16, 2012

giveaway winner + different nail shape;

hello, hello~ :)

the Born Pretty Store sponsored giveaway has ended and i am happy to announce that Tiffany is the winner! /hooray! thanks to everyone who participated and a really big thank you to Born Pretty Store for sponsoring the giveaway~

another announcement regarding BPS, they have kindly up'd my coupon code from 5% off to 7% off. so if you want to order awesome items from Born Pretty Store, feel free to use my code KX5X31 for 7% off your order :)

lastly, the mani i was sporting about .. 2 weeks ago ..

i decided to try out a new nail shape .. i looooved them! except for when i had to take my contacts out, but it became easier after a while. hahaha

alright .. guess thats it.

have a good one!,


  1. thats a nice nail shape but not for me though,,, :)

  2. that is a nice nail shape and i love the simple gold glitter

  3. Love the polish and glitter! The shape not for me!

  4. I like the nail shape, love the mani!

  5. Love the fierce nail shape! The glitter is gorgeous!

  6. This nail shape is very unique and fun! Also, the gold sparkles look so fab and fun for summer! We also compiled a list of hot Summer 2012 nail trends that everyone must try! You can see them at

    Thanks for the inspiration! You rock!

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