Monday, July 30, 2012

Jamberry Nail Shields in Decorative Black + Mauve Dot Review;

hey :) this post is a bit late ... but better late than never, right? a few weeks ago, Jackie kindly offered me to try Jamberry Nail Shields -- of course i couldnt resist all the cute designs! i got Decorative Black + Mauve Dot.

to my surprise, Jackie also sent me a few extra strips~

how adorable are those!? :)

here's the mani i came up with.

as i mentioned in my first Jamberry nail shields review, the shields are very easy to use. just a blow-dryer, nail clipper/scissor, and nail file and your mani will be done soon~ this second time around, application was much easier.

once again, thanks to Jackie of Jamberry Nail Shields for sending me the items for a review. be sure to check out the site :)

have a good one!,


  1. I love the mani you have created, looks fab :-)

  2. Katrina - it looks wonderful - you did a great job! Thanks again for reviewing Jamberry Nails for me! If any of your readers would like more info or to place an order, they can contact me at

    Thanks again!

  3. They look great, what an easy solution to get nice nails, should look into that myself.

  4. thanks ladies~ :) be sure to contact Jackie if you need any assistance .. or i can try to help out. hahaha

  5. Great much easier for me to get my nails done