Monday, March 4, 2013

AJ Rafael - Beautiful Escape Inspired Galaxy Mani;

hi :D

I'm so behind on posting manis -- it's pretty ridiculous! o__O

Here is my mani that I did that was inspired by AJ Rafael's song, Beautiful Escape. Well, it was really inspired by the icon of the song on itunes :P The ring finger is supposed to be lightening bolts .. apparently I need to spend more time on painting lightening bolts. OTL

There's somewhat of a resemblance ... right ? hahaha Sadly, not really :( I made my blues too bright -- I'm still horrible at galaxy nails T__T

Yea, it turned out pretty bad :( Anyway, AJ has been one of my most favorite youtube musicians .. and I love his music ... and I love this song .. and I want to share the beautiful song with you~

Have a good one!;


  1. So much glittery goodness *-*

  2. Pshaw! Your glittery galaxy looks fab and I find straight lines (like the ones in lightening bolts) hard to freehand as well!

    1. thanks :) yea, I definitely need to practice those lightening bolts. hahaha

  3. What a cute mani! That bling-bling effect looks fabulous!