Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Precision Nail Lacquer - Oasis Collection Review + Swatches;

hey :)

For today, I want to share some swatches of Precision Nail Lacquer polishes, more specifically, polishes from their Oasis Collection.

3 coats of Sage. There is a silver shimmer that runs through the polish, you can kind of see the shimmer in my photos; Sage is actually a tiny bit darker irl.

3 coats of Sandstorm; squishy, jelly goodness :) Sandstorm leans a bit more 'camel' toned irl.

2 coats of Been There Dune That; it's a bit darker irl. BTDT builds up really easily and has taupe / mauve undertones.

3 coats of You’re in De-Nile River, is that not the cutest name or what? :) Brownish with mauve undertones.

2 coats of Sahara Deserted Me; loooove this one! A dusty rose-ish jelly; builds up really easily.

2 coats of Scorpion King. Charcoal base with silver and multi-colored shimmer.

A macro of the shimmery goodness~

The polishes are easy to work with and beautiful! Precision Nail Lacquer's run for $5.95 on the site, be sure to check them out :) A big thanks to Ernest for sending me the collection to review~

Have a good one!,

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