Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nail Art Society Guru?! + NAS Relaunch;


Sorry for the lack of updates lately; my computer is still kind of dead so I can't edit any pictures :( But, good news is that I am still doing my nails often -- you can check out my instagram for all my current manis~

Moving on, I want to share some exciting news; I have been honored with the privilege to be able to join Nail Art Society's awesome list of nail art Gurus. Seriously ... me? a 'guru' .. ?! How crazy! and look! I even get my own Guru page!

awesome :D

By the way, if you don't know about Nail Art Society, it is a monthly subscription for nail art kits; $9.95 a month plus $4.95 for kits that are worth more than the $14.90 that you'll be paying. Nail Art Society has been down for the past few months for some renovation but it is back up & running! The first kit, which will be sent out during the first week of September, will be featuring ORLY items! So if you're interested, you have a few more weeks to register~

Have a good one!,

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