Monday, June 9, 2014

Essie - Haute In The Heat, 2014 Summer Collection;


I was recently contacted by Nicole of Princess Boutique to review Essie's 2014 summer collection, Haute In The Heat. I had not seen many swatches of it yet so I was more than happy to swatch them.

Strut Your Stuff, 2 coats. The color is a tad bit more dusty in person.

Roarrrrange, 3 coats.

Urban Jungle, 2 coats.

Fierce, No Fear, 2 coats.

Haute In The Heat, 2 coats. This one is a bit of a darker, dusty raspberry color.

Ruffles & Feathers, 2 coats.

All of the polishes applied easily and wonderfully. A big thank you to Nicole of Princess Boutique. There's free shipping on all orders, no minimum purchase amount and/or no code needed. So be sure to check out Princess Boutique~

Have a great day!,


  1. Hi, thanks for the manicure post. I think the nails in these pictures are naturally beautiful themselves. They have good shape. So when you apply nail polish to them, they just shine.

  2. Beautiful collection! Nice swatches~

  3. This collection is really nice, perfect for summer :)

  4. These are some gorgeous colors! I love your nails, they look super healthy!

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