Thursday, November 13, 2014

January 2014 Manis;


Still trying to finish up on posting all my manis ... so here is another post combining all the manis I did earlier this year in January~

I honestly cannot recall what the name of this Orly polish is ... x_x But bits and pieces of this mani were inspired by Nina of Nina Nailed It.

I ended up switching my nail shape to squovals and went with Serum No5’s Friendly Tiffs and Girl’s BFF for this mani.

Terrible florals, haha.

I really don't like it that these are called "negative space" nails. wth. I just really like designs and the fact that there's no base color~ Copped the middle finger design from Nina :D I’m not really into nail stripers … but SERIOUSLY, I love these Orly Instant Artist Water-Based Paint Strippers!

I ended up putting Salon Perfect “floam” polish, Kaboom, over my previous mani, making my nails look so ... thick & full of polish -_-

I wore this adorable mani in January also, and had previously made a post about it here.

Closing off my January 2014 manis, I have this one which was inspired by maya_tempaku.

Wheph! That's more than I remember but hey, now they're all posted, yay!

Hope your week has been going well~
Have a good one!,


  1. Really like the stripe and aztec mani (with ORLY) and the Serum No'5s glitter nails! Think those are my favourite out of the bunch!

  2. I love the coral and bow mani! BTW, the word you want is 'striper', as in stripe-(e)r, painting stripes. Nail strippers would be people standing on your fingertips taking their clothes off for money. Just fyi ;)