Thursday, September 20, 2012

Born Pretty Store 3D Acrylic Rose Mold;

hi; wow, 3 posts in one week? yup, im just as surprised :P

a while ago, Nicole over at Born Pretty Store sent me a package that included a 3D Acrylic Rose Mold.

here's a picture of the mold in the package [on the left] and the mold out of the package [on the right].

here is the mani i did: the pink is 3 coats of Etude House's PK010 Pinkade; the silver gradient was done with Studio M's Sex Symbol; i added some rhinestones and pearls; i used white acrylic powder [which didnt really turn out white, but its ok] and the rose mold; then i accented the tips of the rose with white acrylic paint; and topped the mani off with a coat of clear gel polish.

here is another angle of the mani; its not color accurate, but ughh! i just looooved this mani ! :D it was super sparkly irl; the pictures dont do any justice! i think i'll probably do another mani like this soon :)

a big thanks to Nicole over at Born Pretty Store for the items. don't forget, if you want to order anything from BPS, you are always more than welcomed to use my coupon code~ save 10% off your order! feel free to take advantage of it! :D the code is 'KL5X31' :)

have a great one!,


  1. I absolutely love this nail look! So girly and blingy and cute and 3D, just perfect!
    It's strange that the roses didn't turn out white with the white dust but they still look very cute ^_^

  2. Although I'm not a big glitter/sparkly fan, I love everything abt this mani, glitters and all.

  3. Lovely! Definitely I would like to try some 3D nail art in the future!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of 3d nail art, simply because its not practical. But I can't deny that IS SO GORGEOUS! You could also find more nail molds on ebay if you'd like :3

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! These look amazing! Check out my blog if you have a chance :)

  6. thank you ladies~ i agree, Annie & Reb, im not much of a girly -- super glittery mani either .. yet i loved this one. hahaha :P

  7. I actually like glittery mani a lot, and wow isn't this amazing work or what? Yes they are not really practical but it's a special touch non the less. Thank you.