Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Julep Floral Nails;

hi :)

very recently, Alexandria of Julep contacted me and kindly offered to include me in her Sunday Manicure Series. theres two parts to the Sunday Manicure Series -- the first part is the interview, where Alexandria asks a few questions to get to know the blogger / nail art..ist[?] and the second part is a tutorial that the blogger creates. Alexandria also let me pick Julep's Susie, Kate, & O Canada! to base my tutorial around.

Susie is a beautiful pale, sky blue, Kate is a white polish with a very subtle iridescent shimmer, and O Canada! is a red + iridescent glitter polish. sad to say that this photo is not color accurate.

here is a step by step tutorial--

if you want to check out my feature on Julep's Sunday Manicure Series, here is the link :) a big thanks to Alexandria again~

have a good one!,


  1. This is super pretty and it is not as hard as I expected it!

  2. yeah!! that;s cute nails. i like it

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