Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1-2-3 Healthy Nails Starter Kit Review;

hey :)

So, a few weeks ago, Shannon of 1-2-3 Healthy Nails kindly offered me to review the Starter Kit.

Here is what the kit comes with:

1 oz jar of the Healthy Nail Fortifier, a buffing file, a French manicure pencil, and a pencil sharpener.

According to the instructions, you're supposed to use this product for about 2 weeks. You buff your nails once a week, apply the nail fortifier twice a day (once in the morning, once in the evening), and use the french manicure pencil once a day. There is a very informational video here.

Here's a picture of my bare nails before I began using the product:

Gross right? haha. X__X

Here's a picture after I buffed my nails:

Pictures don't do justice on how shiny the buffer made my nails. Obviously buffers are supposed to do that ... but seriously -- my nails were S H I N Y ! 8D It looked like I had top coat on or something, it was ridiculously - amazingly shiny. I loooove that buffer :)

Here's a picture after I applied the fortifier on my nails:

Less shiny but it still looks alright :P The fortifier has a ... different smell. The smell isn't bad and it's definitely bearable. I don't eat oatmeal but the fortifier kind of looks a tiny bit like oatmeal.

I'm very doubtful of products that 'help nails grow stronger' because they don't always work ... but this product -honestly- worked for me. I'm sad that I didn't photograph my right hand because my right hand pointer finger was ripped; after two days of using the fortifier, the rip had completely disappeared. Don't ask me how, because I don't know how it happened, but I was so excited. I didn't really find the pencil necessary, that didn't really do a difference for me .. but besides that ... my nails really did get stronger.

Another case of the product working for me ... I have a really bad case of the 'peel-ys' ... I always peel the nail polish off my nails. Now, we all know that's not a smart thing to do (unless you're using the peel off base coats .. but in this case, I wasn't). My nail was all disgusting -- I peeled off a few layers of my nails :( So, I decided to try the Healthy Nails Set again ... I buffed my nail, applied the fortifier, and then two days later ... BAM! My nail looked so much better!

Don't mind the horrible quality of the pictures, they were taken with my iphone:

Picture 1 - yes, very gross. Proof that you should not peel the nail polish off your nails cause it will damage your nails.
Picture 2 - same night as picture 1. After I buffed my nail & applied the fortifier. You can kind of see a rip at the tip of my pinky nail.
Picture 3 - two nights later; almost all better ! :) I did do a tiny bit of filing on the nail but it still looks much better~ The rip in the nail was less noticeable as well.

There goes two examples of the 1-2-3 Healthy Nails Starter Kit working for me :) I can't guarantee the same results but I do definitely recommend people with weak, brittle, and chipped nails to try it out.

A big thanks to Shannon for the kit; I am definitely going to keep using it. Don't forget to check out the 1-2-3 Healthy Nails site :)

Have a great day!,


  1. I always skeptical about buffing my nails because it makes them weak but sound of "fortifier" is very interesting!

  2. I have terribly weak, brittle nails! It's quite frustrating growing them long because they get to a certain point and the next thing I know, I have a chip at the end or a tear on the side. That kit did wonders for your nails. They look super beautiful.

  3. How long does it last if you use it daily? a bit expensive for this little jar