Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exo - History Outfits Inspired Mani;

hey :)

For today, I wanna share a kpop mani I did a few weeks ago.

-- which was inspired by ...

(click on the picture, it will enlarge)

... and ....

My mani was inspired by Exo's History outfits and the Exo logos. My mani is pretty sloppy & my nails look random ... but if you look at Exo’s group picture closely, you can see the details in their outfits which are what I put onto each design. I almost gave up on my left hand, pointer finger (Kris’ jacket), and my right hand, pointer finger (Tao's ripped sweater) -- but thankfully, I pulled through & finished it cause those are my favorite designs :D Anyway, you can pretty much guess what design goes with who (besides for my design of Lay’s jacket (which is on my left hand pinky), you can't really notice the design cause of the glare ;__; Ooh yea, the designs kind of go in order of where they’re standing in the picture — except I didn't have enough nails to do a design off each member. but yea .. I guess I'm happy about the way it turned out .. :)

Exo is split into two groups -- Exo M, who promotes in China, and Exo K, who promotes in South Korea. History is a catchy song & I love it; both Exo M & Exo K have a version of the song ... so here are the music videos to enjoy~

Exo K

Exo M

Alright, thats it for now~

have a good one!,


  1. I love your kpop nails! This looks awesome

  2. OMG! U know K-pop better then me LOL~ Never heard of this group :) But ur mani looks very matching their fashion style :) Great job!

    1. haha, i love kpop~ im surprised you havent heard of Exo, they're a pretttttty big rookie group this yea; haha :) thanks~

  3. I don't know this group, they shouldn't be famous in France? But otherwise your Nail Art is superb! Bravo!

    1. thanks Tithy~ nah, Exo (both M & K) aren't big in France ... although i hear they do have a decent number of fans there~ :)

  4. you are very creative when it comes to your nails lol

  5. They must have taken some time to be done. Great job. :)
    If you want take a look at my nail blog .

  6. Its so cute i love Exo-M and Exo-K

  7. cute :)
    hi, i'm a new reader :)
    I saw a lot of your kpop nail art, and they are really cool :D
    I hope I can make it like you