Sunday, December 2, 2012

Floral & Baroque Inspired Mani;

hey :)

My mani was inspired by Candice / mrcandiipants~ I used two coats of Barielle's Delicate Dancer and acrylic paint for the design. It's pretty simple & elegant ! ... I looooved this mani so much :D

Ooh, I also want to mention that I got a new camera! --- finally :D

I posted this photo on instagram yesterday when I purchased it. Gahhh, I'm in love with it already :D

Alright, I'll end this post here. I should be packing ... although I know I won't be packing yet :P

Have a good one!,


  1. OMG! I so need new camera too! Nice camera!!

    And very pretty mani! It looks adorable :)

  2. This is so pretty! Love this mani :)

  3. You are really good at free handing :)

  4. Thats not nail polish !! thats art. amazing

  5. Awww.... so pretty!! Love the color combos and the design. You def have great sense of creativity. Great job!!!