Monday, February 11, 2013

Nail Candy 'Love Letter' Pens Review;

hey :)

A few weeks ago, Caroline of Nail Candy sent me their 'Love Letter' collection pens.

Nail Candy pens are "a duel function applicator, one side is a brush to paint the nail and the other is a patented 'micro-tip' that enables intricate nail designs" -- as stated by Nail Candy. There are two colors on each pen, both colors have a brush and a pen tip. The picture above is pretty self explanatory.

Here is the mani I came up with. The polishes worked wonders -- I really liked them, the application was very easy. The pens, however, were not as easy. As you can see, my lines (on my pointer finger) did not turn out too well. The problem I had with the Nail Candy pens was that you have to squeeze the tube for the polish to come out -- if you squeeze too hard then too much polish comes out and it gets too thick. The pens were great for dotting though, as you can see on my thumb & pinky. Another problem I had with the pens was that you cannot put the tip (of the pen) on your nail to do the design because the tip will dig into your polish.

I just wanted to give a big thanks to Caroline of Nail Candy for the pens.

Have a great day!,


  1. I have pens similar to that and I noticed the same problem, too much comes out. Models own one the polish continues coming out while drawing with it, drives me mad lol. I do really love the colors though, you paint so neat around the cuticles.

    1. thank you :) and yes, that's definitely a problem -- when the polish comes out too much. if that could somehow be fixed, i think nail pens would be even better~

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