Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shimmer Polish Julia & Cacee BFE Daydream Aura swatches;

hey :D

Just wanted to share a few swatches of some polishes that I've been behind on swatching & posting -- forgive me! :( These were sent over to me by Tony over from Cacee and Cindy over at Shimmer Polish.

2 coats of Daydream Aura -- it's a little less sky blue irl, but it's shimmery prettiness.

2 coats of Julia over DA. This combo reminded me of ... an icy / snowy winter. idk - that sounds weird but it just gave off such a beautiful winter feel :D I'm in Michigan and our winter is still dragging & i don't exactly like winter .. but for the few days that I wore this mani, I really enjoyed the winter feel. hahaha

A blurry shot of glittery goodness.

... :D isnt' it just so pretty? These two polishes were like ... a match made in heaven. hahaha

I just want to give a big thanks to Tony over from Cacee & Cindy of Shimmer Polish for sending over the polishes. Be sure to check out their sites~

Have a great day!,


  1. Pretty nail polish combo! The main blue base color looks very sweet!!

  2. The Daydream Aura polish is absolutely GORGEOUS! Love it! Please like our Facebook page and share your nail art with our huge mani-loving community! We also help our fans get their original manicures featured in magazines and online beauty publications, and you have the talent to be featured often! :)

    Thanks for the fabulous nail blog. We love your stuff!

    -Custom Nail Solutions

  3. This is a lovely colour and I love sparkly nail polish. Find out the best way to care for your nails here!