Thursday, April 18, 2013

Duri Cosmetics' - "The Showstopper" Spring Collection Review;

hey :)

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Edline of C.I. Visions to review Duri's new spring collection -- The Showstopper.

The bottles are about the size of Essie bottles, except Duri's handle is a bit longer/taller and the brush is a bit wider (but it's not as wide as OPI's brushes). Duri polishes hold 0.5 fl oz/15 mL (same amount as OPI, Zoya, & China Glaze), whereas Essie bottles hold 0.46 fl oz/13.5 mL.

Let's start with 3 coats of Satin Treat; ugh -- it's sheer, squishy perfection :D It is described as "a powdery, sophisticated nude" -- the photo on the site does not look like this -- but this is Satin Treat, I promise :)

I'm pretty sure this was 2 coats of Call Me Maybe; I didn't even have to layer it over a white! :D It's a bright, hot pink leaning coral beauty that is even brighter in real life~ C.I. Visions describes CMM as "a coral kiss with a semi-florescent finish."

2 coats of Dream Catcher, which is described as "an exciting mid-tone pastel in a pinkish lilac hue" ... which pretty much sums this polish up :)

The namesake of this collection, Showstopper, covers beautifully in 2 coats. Just look at that golden shimmer! It's even more noticeable in real life, might I add. A raspberry-colored polish with tiny, beautiful gold shimmer~

2 coats of One Night Only, "a strong, bright, deep crimson red that says it all" -- and that does say it all :)

3 coats of Afterhours; kind of an oddball but its a beauty -- there's so much depth in this polish. It is described as "a muted lavender essence that intrigues with an intense silver base." The "muted lavender" is soooo muted that you can barely see it ... but you can kind of see it when you're looking at the polish irl. At first glance (and even after more staring), it leans more .. greige-ish (gray, beige)? Then the silver base does leave brush strokes, so be careful when applying Afterhours. And to top it off, there's some tinyyyy copper (?) glitters as well. This polish is so hard to put it into words, haha.

Here is an (awkward) macro shot of Afterhours -- you see the copper glitters at the top of my ring finger nail and in the bottle? RIGHT? SO PRETTY =D

Duri polishes run at $6 a bottle. I just want to say a big thanks to Edline for the polishes. I absolutely loved them! :)

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  1. At my last free-lance I worked with Duri polishes and I really like them :) nice texture and colors!

  2. I really like call me maybe, dream catcher and showstopper!! One night only is also very nice, a must have red.

  3. I really love your blog and love love love your nails!

    I following you, if you want follow me, please...

  4. I love and want Call Me Maybe - it's so bright!

  5. What a beauty bottle! And the colors are awsome. Do u know where can i buy it?

  6. These are pretty, especially Call Me Maybe. I dunno so much about Afterhours is wayyyyyy too brush strokey for me. It reminds me of the old frost polishes.