Thursday, October 3, 2013

Serum No. 5 FW 13 Collection Swatches + Review;


It's been a while since my last post, hope all has been well~

A while ago, Victoria, of Serum No. 5, sent me over her new FW 13 collection so here are swatches to share :)

Best Witches, 3 coats. I love the glitter combo in this one. Gray based polish with yellow, blue, purple, white, & holo glitters.

Rise and Grind, 2 coats. So sparkly and the glitter combo (brown, copper, gold, and white) just compliments each other so well! .. those white glitters! 8) The second picture, the blurry one, is to show the tiny gold glitters in the base.

Samba-dy To Love, 2 coats. Can we just take a moment and enjoy the name of this polish? It's adorable!! Red, blue, orange, and purple glitter mixed in a clear base.

Acai of Relief, 3 coats. Blue / purple duochrome, I loved this one much more than I thought I would. In other lightings, it looks way more purple.

Second Spring, 2 coats. The cutest polish, ever! I love this one. Off-white base, gold shimmer, and multi-colored and sized glitters.

Jaded, 3 coats. Light green holo.

Mauvelous, 2 coats. Pink holo.

A Cup of Teal, 2 coats. Blue holo; I couldn't get a decent photo of the holo-ness :( .. but trust me, it's MUCH stronger irl.

For the holos, they were all easy to apply. My photos don't do justice on the amazing holo-ness of the polishes.

Atomic Peach, 4 thin coats. Beautiful shade of peach that glows yellow-green.

Pink Lantern, 2 coats. Pink that glows yellow-orange. Pink Lantern was released last year and Victoria brought it back for a limited time for the month of October only .. so be sure to pick it up before it's too late!~

A big thanks to Victoria for sending over the polishes. As always, be sure to check out Serum No. 5~

Have a good one!,


  1. Best witches looks good! Bit sheer but pretty nice!

  2. wow! all of these babies looks awesome! esp. the Best Witches polish :)

  3. I swear your nails always look so pretty! I wish you could do my nails all the darn time haha :)

  4. These are all fantastic! What a talented lady! Just a heads up, I am doing a nail art giveaway on my blog that I thought you and your readers might dig: It is Halloween themed!
    xoxo, Bethann