Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hauls, Tutorial, + Stars

its Thursday...woo~

the week is almost over & i think this is my second time posting this week? yea..its another slow week for me.. =/

anyway, here's my Orly mini-haul from last week;

Prince Charming, Royal Navy, & Purple Crush.

heres my haul from yesterday;

OPI's Fiercely Fiona, Whats With The Cattitude?, Funkey Dunkey, & Ogre-The-Top Blue.

an unnamed Charlotte Russe polish, China Glaze's Nasty, VII, & Ruby Pumps.

yesterday, i stopped by Sally's to pick up another bottle of cuticle cream & i also picked up VII & Ruby Pumps. i've been contemplating on Ruby Pumps for a loooong while now & i finally decided to grab myself a bottle. after Sallys, i went to the mall where i found a dress for my cousins wedding next weekend & i picked up the unnamed Charlotte Russe polish. on my way to the mall, i saw a new beauty supply store that just recently opened so i called to see if they are opened to the public..and thankfully, they are! so after the mall, i stopped by the store, which is called Skyline Beauty Supply. they had sooooo many display cases for OPI's & one huge case for Essie. then random little cases for Orly & China Glaze. at the counter was OPI's Shrek collection -- the one that i've been wanting to get my hands on since they first came out! sitting next to the Shrek collection was the summer collection of OPI. i asked the lady for the price of OPI's & she said "$5.95" and i almost lost it. i was so excited! $5.95!!!!!!!! then i picked up a bottle of CG's Nasty. CG are $4.95 at Skyline. sadly, after the mall, i only had $30 left =/ so i was only able to pick up 5 bottles of polishes...but trust me. im going back to Skyline soon!! :)

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please check out Jana's blog; Jeweled Tips.

and Bella's makeup blog.

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last night, i was able to make my second video tutorial. it was a request from Jakyla on tumblr.

in the video, it shows how i apply my rhinestones -- so for those of you who have been wondering how i put my rhinestones, pearls, or googly eyes on my nails..its in the video.

- - - - - - -

last night, i was also able to try out my new unnamed Charlotte Russe polish. here are pictures from an hour ago..

here's 3 coats. 2 coats would've been fine, but i was painting my nails at 1am so i didnt do too well... =P its a dark, charcoal gray polish with silver & iridescent glitter. the polish kind of reminded me of a night sky with stars i added little stars onto my ring finger for something subtle.

personal opinion: the polish looks prettier in the bottle. look at that glitter in the bottle! its a beauty! i think its a little too dark when its applied.

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hmm, guess im done here.

enjoy your Thursday!,


  1. These are so pretty! I can't believe you have the OPI Shrek 3 Collection! I can't find them anywhere in my area!!! The tutorial is really helpful :D


  2. I went to some nail supply stores when I was in the US and found Essie for $3, OPI $4.50, China Glaze $2.25, crazy! Should have got more lol

  3. love the OPI's Shrek collection!!
    i'm happy for you..=)

  4. wow 5.95!!! LOL i would have lost it tooo. Ruby pumps is an amazing color & i don't even like glittery things :) Thanks for sharing your goodies.

  5. I have that same Charlotte Russe color. It's actually not that new. I got it last year.

    But, yes, I agree that it is much prettier in the bottle. :P

  6. OMG :) super lucky!! :) I've no expencive nailpolsih but I think I'll buy tons of I find them al that price!! OPI here in Italy is about 12\14€ :( :( CG too...

  7. Great haul, so many nice polishes <3
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial too, I always love watching nail art tutorials.

  8. Skyline sounds like an awesome find! Wish we had one here. You'll L<3VE Ruby Pumps - I hate red and really like this color from CG. The Charlotte polish almost looks like a matte glitter on the nail.

  9. Lucky! I bet you have tons of beauty supply stores there. I only know of 2 in my area and I don't go to them often because there isn't a wide range of OPIs and no China Glazes or Orly either :(

  10. how much are the CG at sally's? I was in sally's while in Seattle and the price was $5.99. is that how much you get the CGs for?

    I always want to go into a salon and look at their colors........but i'm shy and well...some salons make people feel really awkward. you know you walk in and there isn't many customers and they look at you...and ...awkward.

  11. woops. not done writing yet.

    Can you later do a review on ruby pumps when you have time? i just don't know if I want to get it or not. I'm so on the fence for it. I don't usually sport red or orange nails so i'm like hmmmmmmm. but everyone says it is really nice. I have emerald sparkle and they say it's emerald sparkle's sister.

  12. Great haul! Can't wait to see pictures of those pretty new polishes. And thanks for the shoutout :)

  13. thanks Steph! hopefully you'll be able to find the OPI Shrek 3 collection soon! ;)

    Halifax, wow! im jealous! i wanna go to that store! haha

    yokemun, thanks!! ;)

    i think im going back, Eva! im gunna go crazy again! haha but im excited to try Ruby Pumps :)

    Imani, yea, its definitely prettier in the bottle.. =P

    thanks Alice! i think i just got not usually a lucky person! haha

    thanks Cel! aw, im glad you enjoyed it ;)

    Freshie, yes! Skyline is definitely an awesome find! its a keeper! haha

    Katherine, i do have a lot of beauty supply stores where i live. some stores, theyre only opened to beauty school i got lucky with Skyline.

    Li Lian, CG is like.. $5.99 at Sallys. so its not much of a difference..a dollar. haha but i totally understand that whole "awkward" thing. hahaha!~ and yea, i can definitely do a review on Ruby Pumps!

    thanks Jana ;) and no prob :D

  14. CG's Nasty looks super pretty haha xD
    I can't wait for your swatches now (:

  15. janyen, i know! Nasty looks pretty awesome! i'll be sure to swatch soon :D

  16. I have the first 2 in the OPI Shrek collection, they're gorgeous colours!

  17. Love the tutorial, it look too easy for me now.

  18. cute haul. thanks for the tutorial!

  19. lucky where i live there's like no cool beauty supply stores ;[

    -kathy ♥

  20. hiitscaila, yea! im so excited to have found them ;)

    meeel, thanks! im glad its easier now ;)

    enamel girl, thanks! no prob =P

    Kathy, aw, thats a bummer!

  21. such beautiful colors, the charlotte russe color and ruby pumps are my favorites :)