Monday, July 12, 2010

Sad News

i know i havent been posting lately, but i have a good reason...well, two reasons.

first off, almost two weeks ago, i received an email from Julie of Incoco who generously offered to send me a sample pack of their products. the products came in last week & so i tried them on. i was going to post a review on the products after a week of wearing them - - one reason.

secondly, my computer died! its soooo sad because i had pictures of swatches that i uploaded onto my computer but didnt edit nor upload onto photobucket...those are all gone! i also took daily pictures of my nails while wearing Incoco for my review...those pictures are all gone!

i dont know when my computer will be fixed...cause we have to buy new parts & whatever. sooo i cant guarantee any nails/polish posts any time soon =(

- - - - - - -

lets go to better news..

so i went back to Skyline Beauty Supply on Sunday & i bought the last two bottles of OPI's Shrek collection; Rumples Wiggin & Who The Shrek Are You? . i also picked up OPI's Heart Throb.

i forgot to mention, Skyline also sells Essie..for $4.95 per bottle! WHAT A DEAL! but it gets better!!!! if you're a nail student, the prices are EVEN LOWER! they said Essie would be $2.95 if i was a nail student or if i go in with a nail student. thankfully, my brother's girlfriend is a student & she's willing to go in with me! and that means the prices on the rest of the polishes would be lower too! YEEE! so excited ;)

- - - - - - -

ooh! please check out Kathy's blog! she's such a sweet girl! :)

- - - - - - -

also, i've been looking at some Catrice polishes..and im in LOOVE! if anyone can get their hands on some bottles & is up for a swap, please shoot me an email ;) im a TOTAL swap newb though T__T

i might as well mention it now...i finally decided to get a free sample pack of nail art stuff from Viva La Nails. i placed my order in & i got an email this morning saying they shipped me my hopefully i'll get it in this week. i also have a few more Incoco nail i will have a review on them! whenever i try them again.

- - - - - - -

sorry to have you ladies like this... =( i'll still be checking out everyones blog though!

i hope to come back soon! if not, please wait for meeee! [hahaha]

have a great week!,


  1. It's sad to hear about your computer. My sister recently had an incident like that--she's a writer and she lost a draft of a story that's she's been working on for a year (over 200+ pages)!!!

    OMG!!! I've been wanting to see the Shrek collection for a while after seeing posts about it everywhere! I hope to see them soon once you get your computer back :D


  2. awwww. it's ok... i hope it gets fixed soon...

    Hope all is well!

  3. Am sorry at your sad news. Good luck on the repairs and hope you are back blogging soon. :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your computer but that's great news about Skyline!

  5. aw, thanks Steph! its such a bummer to hear about your sisters story too! hers is more sad than mine! =/ but i hope you can find the Shrek collection soon! i'll be sure to post pictures of swatches once im back ;)

    thanks Alexandria ;)

    LWTT, aw, thanks ;D i hope to be back realllly soon! =P

    Freshie, thanks ;) and yea, Skyline..woo! haha

  6. So sorry about your computer and all the files and pics you lost -- those are priceless!
    Hope you will get your computer back soon and in good working order, especially because I enjoy your posts and think it's worthy of a cherry on top! ;)

  7. poor thing...hopefully u can get back all the files u saved...
    if my laptop broke down, i'll go crazy..
    i didn't save all my files/videos i've dlded..
    will wait for you!!!=))

  8. So sad about your computer woes; hoping you'll be able to recover some of the files.

  9. jo frougal, aw,thanks so much! and thanks for the award ;D

    yokemun, i hope so too! thanks ;)

    thanks Karen!

  10. Thanks for mentioning me :D
    and computers suck :[
    mine keeps breaking down on me, so annoying >:O

    - Kathy ♥

  11. no prob Kathy! i feel ya bout the computer! definitely annoying! haha

  12. Aww sorry about your computer, :( I'm so paranoid mine are going to die, even though they're both under a year old.

    Those are great deals at Skyline! O_O Too bad I live so far.. The Shrek collection is gorgeous! :)

  13. I just saw your avatar on another blog and decided to pop in to see what was going on. I must have somehow missed this post on my reader. I'm sorry to hear about your computer! I know it must be difficult to get along without it.

    I don't know what it is about the summer but I've had 2 viruses and on again/off again internet........ Anyways I hope your back up and runnng soon! Can't wait to see your pics :)

  14. hiitscaila, thanks ;) i hope you'll be able to find them soon.

    enamel girl, thanks! and thanks for popping in :)