Friday, July 2, 2010

Bag-Inspired Water Themed Mani

its Friday!~ at last!

this upcoming Sunday is Independence Day in the States. usually, my work place is all about taking holidays off & spending time with family, but since we dont even open on Sundays, we're not even given a "holiday" break. we're still opening on Saturday & even on the following Monday! its ridiculous! and this Saturday is my first time going back to work on a Saturday since last September! i took a Korean class in September..and the only day that the class on Saturdays. so i've had Saturdays off for the past..almost 9 months! I DONT WANT TO WORK SATURDAYS AGAIN!!! T__T really not looking forward to it...

ok! done complaining now! ;) onto nails...i was at Wal-Mart & saw a cute bag & thats what inspired my nails.

the super light blue is Finger Paints' Blissfully Blue & the darker blue is China Glaze's Flyin High. the rest is acrylic paint.

water-themed nails?..dont know how to describe it. haha but i have a seastar / starfish on my pointer finger, a ducky on my middle finger, a somewhat blend of some water & waves on my ring finger, and a turtle on my pinky. the bottom half of the turtle kinda blends in with the darker part of the water.. =/

if youre wondering where my thumb went..its hiding. i did a hideous design on it & im going to do you the favor of not showing it ! haha

enjoy your Friday & your weekend!,


  1. This is sooooo cute. I adore marine life ♥
    If you don't mind me asking what's your job (;

    - Kathy ♥

  2. thanks Kathy :) i work at a craft store...& i run a register & i have an aisle of ribbon & jewelry stuff to clean & fill. its not too bad. the customers are just NO fun! =P

    thanks Tierney :)

  3. aww- cute :D
    I like the starfish best

  4. Oh my goodnesss!!! This is so cute!!! I love the ocean and the little turtle. Very well done!

  5. wow, this is so cute! i like it..well done!

  6. You're so good! What brushes do you use? I got one from Sally that I tried with acrylics once and it just doesn't work. At all. Maybe my paints suck too . . . not sure what the problem is but I wasn't motivated to try again. haha.

  7. Hey, I assume you saw you were featured on ?? Awesome! Congratulations!

  8. I love the design. ♥
    It really sucks you have to work on Saturdays again.

  9. This is soooo cute! I love the star fish and ducky!

  10. amused polish, thanks :)

    thank you Stephanie :D

    thanks Eva!

    thanks Mae ;)

    sesshoumaru10, thank you :D

    p&k, thanks ;)

    Jessica, thanks! and thanks so much for showing me the site :) i just use regular paint brushes. they work very well ;) but just try like... a size 1 paint brush [which is a small, thin one] and regular acrylic paint -- thats all i use. haha

    Gejba Parokeets, thank you ;) and i know, it does suck. =P

    thanks Jin ;)

  11. I love the starfish and the turtle!! :) so adorable♥

  12. Okay...sooo...this is too cute! :) Hahaha, I love the little duck!

  13. thanks Katherine ;)

    thanks Bella :D

  14. Just found you an I'm a new follower :D
    Please enter my give-a-way

    Such a cute mani :D

  15. Oh my god, this is BEYOND adorable. The ducky, the starfish, the turtle, just ADORABLE *squeals*

  16. This takes cute to a whole new level--love it!

  17. I LOOOOOOVE your index and ring fingers :D awesome as always (:

  18. that was really adorable!!!
    loving the duck and the turtle!!=)

  19. very cute nail design. I like the turtle =)

    DO you get a discount at your work place? it would be awesome if you do....cus im sure there are lots of crafty stuff you could buy to put on your nails..glitter maybe =)

  20. rmcandlelight, thanks!

    SilhouetteScreams, thank you :)

    KarenD, aw :) thanks so much!

    yen janette, thanks :)

    yekemun, thank you :D

    Li Lian, thank you :) and yea, i do get a discount at my work. thank goodness! haha thats where i get my rhinestones! =P

    rainbowninja, aw, thanks :)

  21. ohhh this is so cute!! you're really talented :) thank you for all these great ideas :)