Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zoya Swatches

Wednesdays & Sundays are my only days off of work. i dont really find time to go online during the thank goodness i have Wednesdays. and also, thank goodness the sun is out today! because, as promised, today i have swatches of my Zoya's from the Zoya Exchange. its almost been 2 weeks since my package came in and im finally swatching them for ya. so behind! =/

i dont know why...but it took me 5.5 hours to swatch 11 polishes. im not sure why it took FOREVERRRRR did. drove me nuts..but its ok. ;) anyway right to the swatches!.. each swatch has one coat of Poshe super-fast drying topcoat.

3 coats of Harley. such a beautiful concrete gray color. there are very tiny silver/copper flecks of glitter that my camera wasnt able to capture =/ you can kind of see a bit of the glitter in the bottle though...barely.

3 coats of Jo. an adorable periwinkle polish with a silver shimmer.

2 coats of Ali. bright, neon pink. dries kinda matte but topcoat shines it right up!

2 coats of Charity. purple-mauve with a bronze shimmer. this isnt my typical color but i love it!

2 coats of Gwin. bright orange-tangerine with a gold shimmer. so pretty! thank goodness my camera was able to pick up some of the shimmer! =)

2 coats of Trixie. super awesome silver! love it!

3 coats of Richelle. its more bronze that i though..but its ok! its still pretty!

3 coats of Mimi. deep purple with awesome purple, goldish-silver glitter. my camera didnt really pick it up. =/

2 coats of Nidhi. beauuuutiful tomato red with gold glitters. looove this one! ;) my camera didnt pick up the glitters in this one either.. =/

3 coats of Ivanka. it came out lighter than i expected, but its still a beauty! kelly green? with gold glitter..that my camera couldnt pick up..

3 coats of Charla. the famous Charla.. =P its really worth all the rave its getting. dont rely on this picture...its no good. =/

my pictures dont do ANY justice for Mimi, Nidhi, Ivanka, and Charla. those are the kind of polishes that are just much better in person! that way, you can see all the awesome glitters & all!

there ya go! those are all my Zoya's! and im soooo glad i ended up doing the Zoya Exchange! im gunna be waiting for it for next year too :)

- - - - - - -

ok, theres a new polish blog in the blog world. i got an email from Sabrina & here's a link to her blog: Positively Polished. please check out her blog.

any other new bloggers out there? feel free to send me an email & i will be glad to post about you on my next blog.

- - - - - - -

oh, i got a disclosure policy that i posted at the bottom of my page...

lastly, i havent made a tutorial in FOREVERRR. is there anything specific that you want me to make a tutorial on? although i spend most of my time at work...i'll be sure to get around to making a tutorial ;)

- - - - - - -

thanks for your time! im gunna go relax now... =)


  1. You make me want Harley again, and I just gave up on it lol! Pretty swatches, thanks for sharing :)

  2. I tried doing the disclosure policy but I was getting confused with all the words jumbled together, lol.

    Love your swatches, Charla and Ivanka too! :) Your swatch made me like Ali, maybe I'll get that next year :P

  3. Ahhh, nice colors for summer :D

  4. I am wearing Ivanka now and you are right, it was much lighter than I expected, Charla is the show stopper in the group! :) Great post I really like Jo and Charity! :)

  5. great colors!! i love Harley. i regret not doing the swap now, lol

  6. thanks Daph :) haha, you gave up Harley? i almost did too! =P

    thanks Katherine! i know! that disclosure policy SURE does have a lotttt of words to it! i just looked over the stuff really quickly & peeked at someone elses policy too. haha =P

    Eva, i know! good summer colors ;)

    thanks Jackie! glad i wasnt the only one who found Ivanka much lighter too! haha

    thanks Midge! the swap was definitely worth it! next yr ;)

  7. Jo, Ali, Trixie, Mimi and Charla are my favourite, but they all look so pretty (:
    I can't wait for your upcoming tutorials (:

  8. Ooh nice. I also ordered Ali, Trixie, and Harley. I had Charla in my cart but in the end decided against it. Perhaps a mistake, but I can always do it next year. :)

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  10. Beautiful swatches. Your blog makes me obsessed with nail polishes. Thanks! ;)

    And PS, I'm a new blogger. Just barely got into it. If you have time, check out my jewelry blog. :D

  11. thanks Janyen ;) and hopefully i can get tutorials up soon ;)

    oh nice, Jessica ;) next time for Charla, for sure! haha

    Thao, awesome! i'll be sure to check it out ;D

  12. Gorgeous Zoyas!!! You're making me add more to my wish list! I've been wearing Nidhi for the past few days I love it.

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  14. yea, i wore Nidhi for a few days too! such a beautiful color :)

    stopdidine, thanks! and i'll be sure to check out your giveaway :D

  15. Great swatches!
    3 bottles of Zoya for free today with code FB2011. Just pay shipping! HTH!