Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Behind

- on a LOT of things!

first off, i havent swatched since May 13 which is almost a whole month ago! since then, my "UNUSED" polish stash has been growing. here's a picture stash;

this stash keeps piling i finally decided to swatch some polishes today.

*note: please excuse my excessively dried hands & cuticles. im out of non-acetone polish remover & so im using my pure acetone remover..and its killing me -__-

3 coats of Ulta Orange You Glad It's Summer. application was good & kinda jelly-ish. i got this polish [and the next polish down] from my first Ulta trip 2 months ago! finally got around to trying it out.. =P

3 coats of Ulta Vintage Violet. dark, dusty lavender. easy application; much better than OYGIS.

next, i have some Sally Hansen Inst-Dri's. i've had these for..i dont even know how long! i totally forgot that i had them until i went through my drawer of unused.

3 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Snappy Sorbet. application was ok; my camera was able to capture the very subtle shimmer in this coral-ish polish [and even in the bottle!]. *yay!

3 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring Green. a dark mint..easy application. i remember how much i used to hate how wide the Insta-Dri brushes are...but now i've learned to enjoy em ;)

3 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Mango Motion. how would you describe this color?..a bright salmon? haha i dont know..but this was the best application of the 3 Insta-Dris & Snappy Sorbet was the worse when it came to application.

ok! continuing my list of things im behind on...awards! a little less than a month ago, i was tagged by Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes & Amused Polish for the sweet blog award. thanks so much ladies ;)

Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you. Put the award on your blog. Let your nominated 10 know you've awarded them by leaving a comment.

since im so late on this, i decided not to personally tag anyone. anyone & everyone reading this - im gunna tag. you're awesome awesome! =)

finally, the last thing that im late on is...the Zoya Polish Exchange!

i just recently decided to for sure do the exchange. i've been looking at Zoya swatches like crazy..and i LOVE the Zoyas! i need a few bottles for myself! i've already picked 5 polishes that i for sure want & i have a list of 16 other possibilities. haha. im not sure how many im going to trade we'll see.

ok, so my question is, besides for Zoya, Qtica or Nocti, i can send ANY brand bottle in? even Revlon, Wet n Wild, or Finger Paints? - right?

ALRIGHT! i think this post is long i'll leave it here!

oh! by the way, my sister is going to reboot the computer any time hopefully i can post once again before i lose all my fonts & adobe photoshop. haha. i dont want to post without my abobe. haha

hope your Wednesday is going great!,


  1. I love the shimmer in Snappy Sorbet.

  2. wow, thats alot of unused polishes. =)

  3. oooh i love these. gosh darn i started to get that green and then put it back. maybe i'll go back and get it.

    i also have a ton of unused polishes.

  4. jaljen, yea, the shimmer makes the polish even prettier!! ;)

    Pang, i know! its pretty bad. haha

    Enamel Girl, yea! before i actually purchase Spring Green, i always stared @ it and then walked away. so glad i picked it up though. haha

  5. You do perfect manicures! I'm jealous. ;)

  6. thanks Kimberly! i just got lucky this time, thats all. haha

  7. owned so many bottles of nail polishes!!!
    my nail polishes are stored in a shoe box!!!lol..
    love the Spring Green and Mango Motion...
    i love bright colors!!!

  8. So the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry are not really "done" in one coat? I'm looking for a new opaque white and hoped theirs would be good. Maybe I should look elsewhere . . .

  9. yokemun, i know! thats only ONE of my drawers..i didnt realize how many polishes i really have! haha but SG & MM are really cute ;)

    Jessica Leigh, nah, they're not done in one coat. 2 coats would've been fine but i went with 3 coats to cover all bald spots. Sally Hansens Xtreme Wear White On is good. its my favorite white polish & i ALWAYYYYS use it!

  10. i love the mango motion and spring green!! :) oh wow, really? SH extreme wear white on is good? i should have gotten it this morning. BOGO on the mall near my apartment :)

  11. yea, White On is good! any time i need to use white in my manis, i always turn to White On ;) theyre usually only $2.99-ish & thats not bad. hopefully you'll find another one soon? ;]

  12. you to try box makes me drool. currently my to try polishes are on my desk. 6 of them ..hehe.

    The zoya thing. I can't do it since i'm in canada =( but i've been stalking other people who do it and I am green with envy. =/'s any brand other than Zoya can be empty or full used or unused. it's a great deal

  13. can exchange only up to 200 bottles of used/ unused stuff. ;)

  14. haha, i used to only have a small amount of i dont. maybe yours will be like that some day? that'll be fun. haha ;) and thanks for the Zoya info ;) i wanna send my stuff in ASAP! i just need to decide which ones to send in & which ones i want! haha

  15. Mango Madness is awesome! Welcome back :)

  16. I love your untrieds stash...I have to do that and throw them in a container all together instead of keeping everything by brand. I like your idea better.

    As for Zoya exchange, yes, anything but their brands can be sent in. I even sent in an OPI acrylic base nail thing and they accpeted it :)

  17. thanks Jackie! and yea, MM is super pretty! :)

    LWTT, haha yes. its much easier to throw the untrieds into a bin/container. once i've tried my polishes, then i throw them into another bin separated by colors. haha and awesome! thanks for the Zoya info! im gunna resort through all my polishes now! ahha

  18. Could you do a storage/collection video/post thingy :D ?

    -Kathy ♥

  19. ooh, thanks for the idea Kathy! i'll definitely keep that in mind!

  20. Waow~! You have a lot of unused nail polishes...xD
    The Mango Motion looks really pretty (:
    Is it good if the application is jelly-ish? ^^

  21. yea, theres quite a few unused polishes that i have..hahah. and yea, its still good if the application is jelly-ish. =)