Friday, June 11, 2010

Nail Stickers - Take 2

last week was not a good polish week for me. in that post, i babbled on about my Broadway's Fashion Diva stickers & how they came off after only a day of wear. i didnt know whether to blame the stickers or the new Orly Top 2 Bottom top/basecoat that i had tried for the first time. so two nights ago [which was...Wednesday night] i retried the stickers but this time, i used my trusty ol' Poshe Nail Strengthening Basecoat & Poshe Super-fast Drying topcoat.

i also killed 2 birds with 1 stone with this; i was able to try my stickers again & try another new polish, Orly's Lola. Lola was super *bleh* to me when i put it on...but the more i looked at it, the more i began to like it. the pictures down below are 2 coats of Lola. Lola is a pretty, vibrant hot raspberry pink.

here is a picture from Thursday morning;

*please dont mind my super ugly ring finger..the stickers are EXTRA sticky & once they touch a spot, they STICK! if you try to peel it off, it peels the polish off too. so..thats why my ring finger has an ugly design.. -__-

there was a BIT of lifting of the stickers -- which happened last time. but when i layed my 2nd coat of topcoat on, the sticker seemed to level back down?..

here's my nails from Thursday night -- after a day of work;

ergh..the sun was gone by the time i took this picture so i had to use the polish isnt accurately colored.

besides for minor tipwear..nothing changed. the stickers didnt fall off -- like how they did last time. so i decided to keep this mani on for another day.

here's a picture of my nails that i just took a few hours ago after i got off work;

ergh. the sun was going down. non-accurate color picture..again. -__- uhm..the stickers were slowly starting to peel off. just tiny bits. but that was it.

so isnt this the weirdest thing?! last time i used the stickers, they didnt even last me a day. this time, they lasted me 2 full days. so..i CANT blame the stickers?..right? i have to retry my Top 2 Bottom top/basecoat again soon. we'll figure this out - - eventually - - i hope.. ;)

anyway, please wish me luck for this weekend! im gunna be playing in a volleyball tournament -- all day Saturday & Sunday. theres supposed to be thunderstorm for both days yet its gunna be in the 80's. [icky Michigan weather. grr.] so hopefully the weather wont be as sucky as its said to be...and hopefully we do good! ;)

enjoy your weekend!,


  1. have fun with the volleyball ! :)
    & i hope the weather won't be too crazy, haha.

  2. I don't see an icky ring finger. ;) They all look darn right CUTE!!!

  3. thanks Eva! i hope not either! haha

    aw, you're too sweet, Kimberly ! =]

  4. those look amazing! i love sticker art...but no many how many layer of top coats that I put on, the sticker will eventually peel off. that really sucks! : ( but it looks really nice at the beginning! haha! : )

  5. good luck with volley ball =)
    and ur sticker nails soo cute..

  6. Really cool looking.
    Hey have you entered my giveaway yet? :)

  7. I also love to use nail stickers for its easy to use specially when Im on the go.. love it its so pretty!!

  8. Here's wishing you clear skys and great volleyball moves!

    I love the stickers and the designs you came up with. I've been getting into stickers lately too, I would love to try these, where did you get them again?

  9. It turned out great! I don't see an icky finger.

  10. Waow, you're nails age gorgeous (:
    Where did you get the stickers from? And good luck in the volleyball toruni xD

  11. priincess - thanks! and its true...stickers will always fall off in the end..bummer! at least they're cute for a while! haha ;)

    ipehishere; thanks so much! ;)

    camy, thanks :)

    susie, thanks!

    thriszha, thanks! and youre right! nail stickers are great when time is limited! ;)

    LWTT, thanks so much :) and i got those stickers from Walgreens. ;)

    Enamel Girl, aw, thanks! ;)

    Yen Jannette, thanks so much! ;) and i got those stickers from Walgreens.

  12. how much were the stickers? I like that they are 3dish.

    I always say that I'm not a great fan of super bright rich warm colored reds, oranges, corals, but then when I wear them I end up really liking them. very odd.

    Did you put a top coat on first then stick the stickers on then put another top coat on top of that? I wonder if the stickers would stay better on if you did basecoat, polish, sticker top coat versus basecoat, polish, topcoat, sticker, top coat.

  13. shortnails, the stickers were probably.. $4? it wasnt too bad. but i did basecoat, polish, sticker, topcoat. i didnt do a topcoat in between. maybe i'll try the other way another time. haha