Monday, June 21, 2010

Zoya + Sailor Mani

happy Monday!

i sure hope your weekend was great! i know mine was! it was packed! lets start with Friday, shall we? ;)

so, on Friday...i was dreading work. and then i got an email from Zoya saying that my Zoya Exchange polishes have already been shipped to me! i was SUPER excited cause i've been dying for Zoyas. so i assumed my polishes would be in by Saturday. then i got a text from my sister, later that day, saying that my polishes were sitting at home, waiting for me..ALREADY! i was SOOO excited!

this was my first time ordering polishes online & it came much faster than i expected! im REALLY impressed by Zoya's super, awesome customer service! i placed my Zoya Exchange order on Tuesday night. i sent my polishes on Thursday morning. and i got my Zoya polishes Friday afternoon. how. awesome. is. that!? if all online ordering sites are like this..i would love to order more!

anyway, onto pictures of my Zoyas.. [please note that these pictures were taken with my phones camera. i was WAYYYY too excited to go find my camera so i just used my phone..]

waiting for me in my room.. ;)

first thing i saw when i opened the box..

dug around & found two boxes..

my new babies!!!!~ <3

honestly, when i opened the two small boxes, the Zoya bottles looked REALLLLLLLY little to me. i thought i got ripped off cause i've always pictured Zoya bottles to be bigger..since i've only seen Zoya's online. but i didnt get ripped off. the bottles are just smaller in size in comparison to China Glaze & OPI. it has 15mL like the other bottles too. haha

ok!, so after i went Zoya crazy, my sisters & i took out our friend Cindy for her birthday. we went for Korean food & we went to a restaurant where one of the waiters looks like a famous korean singer. sadly, he wasnt there =( but we're gunna go again this weekend cause Cindy's sister-in-law is in town & she loves Korean food too. hopefully the cute waiter is there ;) *crosses fingers. after dinner, we went for ice cream & then we headed to Cindy's house to watch When In Rome.

Saturday, i went to the beach with my family & cousins. my cousin came to visit & wanted to go to the beach so we went. spent the WHOLE day there; it was awesome though..cause the weather was great & the beach was pretty empty ;)

Sunday, i went to my friends wedding. it was BEAUTIFUL!~ i was in a reallllllllllllly crabby mood but it eventually went away - thank goodness! it was a long day but it was nice ;) then i redid my nails after..

you can find lots of random pictures from the weekend on my twitter.

today, i didnt have to work because i had a checkup at the dentist. afterward, i ran some errands for my grandma & played with my baby nephew. i would've posted this blogpost sooner but Kiana took the camera with her to Cedar Point & she wont be home til tomorrow night..and i couldnt find my mom's uploader for her i had to take pictures of my nails on my phones camera. and i spent the whole day trying to email myself the pictures but it never sent..even though i tried sending it 4-7 times!!!! T__T then i realized there was an easier way of doing things..and i am! =/

my sailor themed nails. this was completely inspired by someone elses mani i saw online.

i used 2 coats China Glaze's Up All Night; which is a dark navy blue that looks royal blue in some lightings. i used 3 coats of Sally Hansens White On. and then some acrylic paint.

i have a really bad migraine right im gunna end it here.

hope your week started out great!,


  1. Oh wow, you did so much better than I did when I tried a nautical mani!! This looks awesome!

  2. That's so cute I love nautical themed things :D.
    I really want Ivanka, Charla & Mimi :[ but I'm underaged so I can't pay for things using a creditcard/paypal.

    & thanks for telling me about the topcoat, I'll check out Sally's since I'm going tmrw :P

    -Kathy ♥

  3. jazzsquared & macksquared, thanks :)

    thanks Tierney!

    LWTT, thanks! i sure will :D

    Kathy, thanks :) and i hope you'll be able to find the topcoat! ;D

  4. woohoo!! can't wait to see swatches. I don't own any Zoya yet myself.

  5. Wow~ So many pretty bottles, I can't wait until you try them all xD
    You sailor designs are so pretty (:

  6. i should be able to swatch them by this week, Midge :)

    yen janette, thanks ;) and yes, i have a lot to swatch! haha

  7. How did you mail out ur old nail polishes? I'm trying out the zoya exchange myself and is planning to mail mine out tomorrow. Regular postal ok?? Or do u need to use UPS and let them know I'm mailing out nail polish?? I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Please let me know.

  8. so cool!!!how i wish Zoya will do the exchange internationally...
    sigh..can't wait to see the swatches!!=)
    love ur nails..that is so cute..
    i'm trying to find designs i can do to my nails..
    is time to change them now!!=)

  9. stampingnails, make sure you wrap you old polishes carefully & box them up. take them to a regular postal--thats fine. thats where i go. you dont need to go to UPS & tell them its polishes.

    yokemun, it would be awesome if Zoya did do internationally! but i'll be sure to post swatches up soon ;) and hopefully you'll find a new design soon ;D

  10. Wow! That shipping was FAST, I've ordered from Zoya but Ive never had shipping that fast, you must live close to their shipping warehouse.

    You are going to LOVE Charla, its an awesome color!

    I suffer from Migraines as well, hope it went away :)

  11. I went to Sallys today & they were out but I have another question LOL. How do you think it holds up on tipwear/chipping because I'm a swimmer so my hands are constantly in chlorinated water, I also take film photography so whenever I develop my hands are constantly in chemicals. I've never Seche doesn't last well in time ;/

    -Kathy <3;

  12. thanks Jackie! the migraine, thankfully, went away :) and yea! that was some super quick Zoya shipping! haha

    Kathy, they were out? darn! honestly, if you do swimming & the photography stuff, im not sure how long your manis will last. i touch chemicals nor chlorinated water often so im not sure how well Poshe's topcoat will work. if i do my mani & i dont pick at manis can last up to 5 days. when i first started doing nail art, i used Seche but it lasted me only 3 days at max.

  13. Nice Zoya haul. I like how you photographed them. They look happy :)

    I just gave you a blog award for all your awesomeness. Please visit my blog to accept it.

  14. thanks :) and you're awesome! thanks for the award!

  15. I'm in love with anything nautical you did a great job! I also like your "About Me" heehee!