Friday, June 18, 2010

Heart of the Tiger

Happy Friday!~ well, i sure hope today will be a happy Friday! *crosses fingers. i redid my nails on Wednesday night.

i used Forever21's Indigo. the picture makes the polish look more purple than it really is. its a really, really dark-dark purple that kinda leans navy blue in some lightings.

thats just a really simple mani that i hated. i wore it all day yesterday & then i took it off last night to redo my nails.

China Glaze's Peachy Keen as the base & OPI's A Good Man-Darin Is Hard To Find. another simple mani but i kinda like this one.

my blog title is a little lame cause my nails arent even tiger stripes..they're leopard prints. HAHA but whatever.. =P

im really dreading going into work.. T__T

enjoy your day!,


  1. I love the second manicure it looks really amazing :)

  2. I like them both, really. Ah, that sucks when you have work dread. :(

  3. Thanks Jessica Leigh ;)

    Thanks vegesaurus!

    Thanks kimberly! I definitly dread work! And hate it. Haha

  4. I love your middle finger of your second mani, it looks so pretty ^^

  5. Your designs are too cute!!! I really like the Peechy Keen design. Indigo is pretty too.

    Now I want to do a freehand design, lol.

  6. yen janette, thanks ;D

    enamel girl, thanks :) and yea, freehanding is always fun :)

    o mesmo de sempre, thanks :D

  7. Question; I know you've mentioned before that you start doing your nails really late [or early I guess LOL] in the morning, do you go to sleepy like right afterwards cause if I wait only half an hour after doing my nails to sleep they still get bedsheets :[ . Maybe it's the way I sleep >__>

    -Kathy ♥

  8. yea, i wait about.. 5-10 min & then go straight to bed after i finish my mani. im not sure how you sleep, but i dont think thats the reason. haha what kind of topcoat do you use? i use a fast-drying topcoat so its dried less than 2 minutes after i put it on. try a fast-drying topcoat to see if that helps! ;)

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  10. I use

    Yeah for some reason I may be more willing to a little more money on a nice bottle of nail polish but to me a top coat is a top coat. I'm thinking about picking up a bottle of SOPI quick dry drops or something like that. I was playing with it at Sephora and I think it works pretty well. And I sleep with one hand under the pillow so it's like smushing my hand I guess ?

    - Kathy ♥

  11. ooh, yea! definitely try a different topcoat. i have a few NYC polishes & they're pretty slow to dry. if you can get to a Sally's & if you dont mind spending $5.99 on a topcoat, i use Poshe's Fast-Drying topcoat & it works really well!

    and yea, sleeping with one hand under the pillow MIGHT have something to do with it then...haha

  12. This looks fabulous. Love this blog :0)