Monday, June 28, 2010

Beige Gradient Nails


its Monday! time to start another week.. =/ sorry i've [still] been very MIA. uhm, just to mention..starting this week, im picking up even more hours at work. another 7 hours... -__- im very thankful that i have a job & that i can get more hours into my schedule...but when im at work, im never really in a good mood cause of the customers & some coworkers... and i dont want to spend my summer 32+ hours at work..ya know? but i should just suck it up & work the hours i can before school starts in the fall. [wheph! im done ranting now.. =P]

alright, onto nails... i redid a new mani on Saturday night but the sun wasnt really out im finally posting today.

4 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Beige Blast. i didnt want to use 4 coats but i wanted good coverage... so 4 coats was needed. i then did a small glitter gradient using Cover Girl's Disco Dazzle & some rhinestones. and then on my ring finger, i have 2 coats of my unnamed Hot Topic silver polish.

gotta head off to work soon so this post is gunna be short--

have a great start to your week!,


  1. very cute Katrina.

    happy Monday :/

  2. thanks :) Happy Monday to ya too ~

  3. wow 4 coats!!that's really thick but it looks really cute..
    today was my first day at work as well...
    anyway happy working!!!=)

  4. Adorable, love the rhinestones!

  5. that is soo pretty! but 4 coats dosn't that get too thick s that it won't dry?
    anyways like always i love your work!

  6. thanks Anna ;)

    yokemun, thanks! it wasnt super thick since the first two coats were kinda thin..but the color is nice. hope you had fun at work ;D

    loverlada, thanks ;)

    spaceinvaders, thank you :D

    sandeep gill, thanks! uhm, it did dry pretty well. the first two coats werent too thick so it all worked out. haha thanks :D

  7. sooooooooooo pretty. I thought you were going to do a beige gradient =( ...but I think I like this even more =). Turned the frown upside down. it's so classy. where do you work that let you wear crazy nail polish?

    how long do you work each day? and now + 7 hours more? that's crazy. I just got a job and i'm pooped and my job is only 7 hours long M-F

  8. thanks! yea, i messed up the blog title. i meant "beige glitter gradient" HAHA sorry! =P but i work at a craft store..they're REALLY easy going! i work mon, tues, thurs, & fri from 11am-730ish pm. and now im adding on saturdays from 930am-630ish pm. LONG days i tell ya! =P

  9. That's really lovely, I love it when some fingers are different colours :)

  10. This is so pretty. I love how you took a simple color and make it looks so beautiful with all those embellishments! I love the rhinestones.

  11. eeek, i want my nails like this! (but mine are too short to be fancy and all)

    hehe, i love beige blast, i want it now... i'm like totally trying not to buy every nude/beige color i see! D: kinda hard to do.

  12. Really unique combo, I dont think I've seen a beige gradient before, let alone a beige/glitter gradient :) the rhinestones are also cute too

  13. I can't believe I've never come across your blog before.. It's amazing! :o

  14. aw, thanks Janyen :)

    thanks Eva! i've been going crazy for beige/nude colors lately too! haha

    SilhouetteScreams, thanks :)

    shortiee31, haha, aw! thank you :D

  15. Cute!! I love it! I know about the whole working during summer thing..drives me nuts..and I live right by a beach so it's torture :D

  16. thanks Jillian ;) and wow! thats SUPER torture to live right by the beach! haha

  17. aww i totally understand what you're going through because i'm in the situation with my summer job :| keep your head up ^^ whenever i feel like crap at work, i just think about the $$$ i'll be getting! hahah

    Great gradient! i love the beige polish!

  18. thanks Joy :) youre definitely right! just keep thinking about the $$$$$!! that means more polishessss! hahha ;)