Monday, June 7, 2010

Tulle Mani

happy Monday!

i actually wanted to post this blogpost this morning...but if you follow me on twitter, i mentioned that Blogger was "currently unavailable" for me & it wouldnt let me post anything.. errgh. its ok. as long as its letting me post now.. =P anyway, i came up with a new mani design [in my head] on Friday... i wanted to try it out RIGHT AWAY but sadly, i didnt get to try it til last night. here's how it turned out;

i used Maybelline's Bubble Pink - 3 coats. i forgot how horrible application of this polish is...freakin streaky sucker. *ahem..anyway... i used black tulle on my nails & then some pearls. this mani took me...a little more than 2 hours cause of the tulle...i had to clip them with a nail clipper to the same length/size of my nails..and then they dont exactly stay on right away either. the pearls were also a pain; the pearls have a sticky back & were connected in one i had to snip off each pearl individually..

here's another angle of my nails. i actually like how the mani turned out but im not sure if it was worth the two hours...haha =P i will say that all of my pearls did make it through work today with me today, so that i like =)

uhm.. my mind is pretty much blank right now. so i'll leave it at this. =P

hope your Monday was great!,


  1. arrrrr..that is so 'pinky-princess-cute-but-elegant'!!!!!
    i love it!!goodness...
    i did my nails the other day, i tried to 'paint' flowers/rose but is not turning out the way i want it to..
    so i ended up doing polka dots...that's the only thing i could do to my nails...
    sigh...envy ur talent!!!=)

  2. thanks yokemun, you're so sweet ;) and keep practicing the flowers / roses & you'll get em down =D

  3. That pink is really cute ^^
    Your nails always looks awesome xD

  4. These are gorgeous. I ordered pearls like that and I can't wait for them.

    What about if you used the konad print like that? Probably would cut down on the time massively.

  5. Yen Janette, thanks ;)

    Thriszha, haha yea, definitely girly! =P

    l0verlada, thanks :) and yea, konad probably would've cut the time down tremendously but..i dont have konad...and i like to play with stuff for my nails. haha

  6. I first thought you konaded the fishnet-design but now reading that you've done it with actuall tule- woah....

    maybe throw in a few coats of topcoat to have a bit more fun with your manicure next time ;)

  7. Imma probably sound stupid, but what's a tulle LOL

    -Kathy ♥

  8. ^^ same and how did you do the fish nets they look SO GOOD :) btw. i love the pink what brand is it?

  9. amused polish, thanks :) and i did use a few layers of didnt really stick well at first. but it finally stayed down. haha

    kathy, haha no, you dont sound stupid. tulle is like..a thin netting that people use for decorations. its a LOT thinner than lace & it just has the holes in it..thats about it.. haha

    sandeep, haha the fish net look is the tulle =) and the pink is maybelline's bubble pink.

  10. love it katrina. makes me think of ballerinas.

  11. yea, its really girly..ahaha thanks Ingegerd ;)

    thanks Pang! now that you mention does kinda remind me of ballerinas too. haha

  12. What I want to know is how you got the tulle to stick and if it peeled at all after a few days? Anything you would do differently?