Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cousin Day Manis

today, i spent my whole day with my cousins, Amy & Nouche, and Kiana - my sister. we had breakfast at Coney Island at 11am; i paid. and then we went back home so that i could do their nails. -i did everything for them today, basically! i even drove! =P

Nouche was awesome & she let me practice doing a full mani with acrylics. here's how her nails turned out;

-i dont know why her hands look so freakin red..

this was my second time doing a full set with acrylics & they turned out pretty my opinion :) i showed her a some of the designs i've done & she liked this design so we went with this one. i made each nail a little different but nothing too different.

here's Amy's mani. just on her nails;

at first, Amy told me to do whatever i wanted..and then she started to tell me how she wanted it..lame. haha

after i finished their nails, we went to my cousins house to mess with our baby nephew Landon. and by that time, the post office was i couldnt go drop off my polishes for the Zoya Polish Exchange. but its ok..cause i can just drop it off before work tomorrow. [im SOOOO excited for the Zoya Exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--] =D

alright! im going to spend the rest of the night to myself!... doing my nails~



  1. how are you exactly doing the acrylics? do you actually have the gel/powder and the brush and you brush it on the nail and shape it to the right size?

    your nail skills are superb =)

  2. i love nouche's nails.. pretty pretty :)

  3. i didn't know you could do acrylics. are you using nail wraps?

    their nails are very cute.

  4. shortnails..thanks =) i have the acrylic powder & the liquid monomer for it. and yup, youre right. glue the nail tip on, adjust size/length/shape, & then just brush the poweder+liquid onto the nail & shape it.

    thanks Jan ;)

    Enamel Girl, thanks ;) and this was only my second time doing acrylics. im not good at it. haha uhm, and no, i dont use nail wraps.

  5. thanks Andreea ;)

    thanks Thriszha~!

    thanks Anna!

    thanks stopdidine :D

  6. I love family mani times. Those are both fabulous! Yay to the Zoya exchange!

  7. zomg~ The acrylic nails that you did look so pro (:
    Hehe, spend the rest of your day well, you deserve it xD

  8. LWTT, thanks! ;) and i know! YAYYYY to the Zoya! ;)

    Yen Janette, aw! thank you :D

  9. cute cute cute!

  10. OMG I LOVE the first manicure! It's funky and cool :D I'd love to sport that as well :)

  11. thanks Jillian :)

    aw, thanks Helena :D