Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not a Good Polish Week

sorry for the lack of updates this week! -__- i've picked up more hours at work...and plus, we're babysitting the pastor's kid this him, my mom, & my younger brother are sleeping in the living room - - so i cant even stay up late to paint my nails. total bummer, really.

anyway, after almost a month of having Orly's Bailamos, i finally got around to trying it out. i also decided to try the Top 2 Bottom base & topcoat that came along with it. i also have a story to go along with this...but first, pictures.

this picture was taken first thing Tuesday morning [after i painted it midnight on Monday]. i also used Broadway's Fashion Diva nail stickers. just to point out, a piece of sticker on my ring finger already chipped off.

i'd also like to point out that that stickers are lifting a bit. i did place the stickers on my nails correctly, made sure they were on...and when i put a coat of topcoat on, they lifted..weird, right? anyway, you cant really see it in the picture, but when i woke up, there were finger smudges on my nails. the bottle didnt say it was supposed to be fast-drying..but it sure was slow to dry!

this is how my nails turned out after an 8 hour day of work on Tuesday. the stickers chipped off & the polish itself was already chipping.

i cant exactly blame the fault of the stickers on the stickers-itself, cause i've used broadway stickers before & they've lasted me up to 4 days. would it be wrong to blame the top 2 bottom base/topcoat? then again, this was my first time using

anyway, i also didnt like Bailamos on me. ew. so it took it off. i went into Sally's yesterday & bought myself my usual Poshe basecoat & topcoat..and then i picked up 4 more polishes... and then i redid my nails last night..

i used Orly's Rage & China Glaze's Medallion. 3 coats of each polish, but im sure 2 coats of Rage would've been fine.

i took these two pictures a few minutes ago but the sun isnt all the way out today, so i didnt get a good picture of the blingy-ness of the polish.. but i dont like Rage on me either. i dont think it matches my skintone well...but thats just me...

well, this is all i have for today. hopefully i'll be able to do actual nail art soon =X

enjoy your day,


  1. Hang in there. That lifting is weird? I wonder what causes it?

  2. hmm.. lifting is weird. i am using stickers too but with some good top coat on, it should chip off that easily. i love the gold mani. i have a golden bronze on my nails today :) i hope you'll be able to create pretty nail art soon and be in the creative mood :)

    have a nice day ahead!

  3. I really like Bailamos and I do think it looks good on you! :) Rage is an awesome shade and it looks really good with the accent nail.

    Too bad about the stickers though!

  4. Sometimes my nail stickers lift too, it sucks. Do you think it's maybe because our nails are more curved than most people? When I wear them on my big toes, which are a little flatter, they look fine. My fingernails are almost like half circles though, very rounded. I don't know what causes it but I want to figure it out.

  5. I think they look fine on you, it sucks the sticker peeled off so fast it was cute looking.

    & I've heard that rounded nails are caused by the nail absorbing too much water o__O IDK, how true that is though ;/

  6. I think Rage and Medallion look great on ya....

  7. Oh, that came out confusing. I meant I wanted to figure out what causes the sticker lifting, not my rounded nails. Just clearing that up. :)

  8. LWTT, the lifting is weird..right?! haha but i'll definitely hang in...thanks ;)

    Jan, thanks ;) i hope my creative juices will start flowing soon =P and awesome, we both have gold & bronze manis ;)

    aw, thanks Michelle! for some reason, i hate Bailamos on me =P

    Asami, you're right, maybe it is cause my nails are curved. haha but im curious bout the sticker thing too. maybe i'll try it with my Poshe topcoat soon..haha

    Gryffindor, thanks =) so confused with the whole sticker thing right now..haha

    thanks Alexandria ;) i especially like Medallion. haha

  9. I really like your second manicure :) I love that bling bling on your ring finger :)

  10. Hi Katrina! That gold is bangin'.

    I've also been really busy and didn't do much to my nails this week. But I am having a giveaway. If you haven't already, please visit my blog for a chance to win some goodies :)

  11. thanks Helena ;)

    thanks Enamel Girl ;)

  12. I actually like the effect on the nail after the stickers have come off XD and I usually don't like accent nails, but I really like how blingy yours is.

  13. You're the first person that makes me want to buy Orly Rage.. Oh dear! I love what you did with the accent nail, it looks great!

  14. thanks Daph ;) and awesome!! haha

  15. Silhouette Screams, it actually looks ok..haha. thanks :)