Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mini Haul & Finger Paints - Wicked Glitter

i've been trying to NOT buy nail polish for the past few weeks but i have no self control, whatsoever. yesterday, i got an email from Sally's saying Finger Paints has a new collection, Love at First Bright & the limited Glitters Collection. of course i wanted to avoid Sally's but yesterday, i went & got my hair cut...and there is a Sally's just down the plaza from the hair salon. so, my self-control-less self went to Sally's afterward =P

here's what i picked up;

from Orly's Viva collection, Bailamos, Finger Paints Lucky in Lime Love, Finger Paints Orange You In Love?, & Finger Paints Wicked Glitter. i also got a free clutch cause it was "buy 3 FP polishes, get a free clutch" =)

the Orly's polish comes with a small bottle of Top 2 Bottom top & base coat.

i swatched FP Wicked Glitter yesterday;

my thumb & pointer finger have no base color on. 4 coats of Wicked Glitter. my middle finger has 2 coats of white polish & 3 coats of WG. my ring finger has 2 coats of black polish & 3 coats of WG. and my pinky has 2 coats of Suzi Says Feng Shui & 3 coats of WG.

here's the glitter at work =)

oh, here's a picture of me w/my new hair cut =)

uhm, i gotta end it here. im gunna be late for work! -__-

enjoy your day!,


  1. I'm just like you: "Not gonna go to Sally's, not gonna go to Sally's. Ah crap! I'm in Sally's! How did this happen?!?!?!" I picked up wicked glitter also. Reminds me somewhat of Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink. Great blog :D

  2. Cute hair! I was trying to avoid Sally's too but it didn't work so well.

  3. thanks Jan =)

    thanks April =D

    thedogismine, thanks =) its so hard to avoid Sally's...such a tempting place! hahah

    thanks Steph =) i reallllly need to learn some self-control! haha

    aw, thanks Becca =)

    thanks Emma =D

  4. Super cute cut! You selected a perfect style.


  5. love ur new hair cut!!!u look so cute!!!:)

  6. Laura & yokemun, thanks so much =D

  7. those polishes are nice... i think i'm too cheap to develop a great nail polish collection because each nail polish is like $7.

    anyway, i'd never buy the glitter polish because i usually hate how glitter looks on people BUT you really made ur nails look cute with it! i like how u used different coating for each of the nails to see the different looks... i love the way the middle finger looks cuz i can tell the white polish in underneath.

    lastly, the fingers with no base coat are gonna be difficult to remove the polish... ok my comment is too long. i love ur hair, and ur nails are purrrrfect!

  8. thanks Alexandria! if you dont wanna get expensive polishes but want good polishes...Finger Paints arent too bad. right now theyre $3.99 at Sally's. i love em! haha

    but the removal of the glitters were actually pretty easy..just kinda messy. ahaha thanks tho =)

  9. I loved that Cherry Pop colour! And let me tell you, you new haircut makes you look even cuter that you already were! ^___^ You are so cute I can't help smilling everytime I see this picture! ^___^ ***

  10. thanks so much Kanji, you're so sweet! =)