Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wet n Wild Swatches

this past Sunday, i had a mini haul & i got 8 new Wet n Wild polishes. today, i decided to swatch them for ya =)

Berry Jubilee - 2 coats. bright purple mixed dark azalea + dark magenta. <--haha. what a bad description. but those are the colors that pop in my head when i look at the polish =P pretty decent application.

Blueberry Fizz - 2 coats. pretty, deep, vibrant blue. uhm, application was a bit better than Berry Jubilee.

Mint Fusion - 3 coats. 2 coats would've been ok but i used 3 to avoid bald spots. this one has a shimmer that you can barely see in the picture. Mint Fusion had awesome application and quickly became my favorite of the bunch! i couldnt stop looking at it =)

Lemon Drops - 3 coats. i always feel uneasy buying yellow polishes that havent been reviewed. the first two coats were really ugly. the polish looked like a dirty yellow/golden on my nails. the third coat finally looked like the bottle color.

Sunkist Paradise - 3 coats. first two layers were thin but third layer evened it out. better application than Lemon Drops. this polish color reminds me of a tangerine =P

Bubble Yum Gum - 3 coats. decent application. definitely reminds me of bubble gum! haha

Candy Apple Twist - 2 coats. pretty red-orange polish. good application.

Cherry Pop - 1 coat; thats right! ONE! well, i painted my ring finger with 2 coats just to show you. there isnt much of a difference besides for that fact that it is just a smidge darker than one coated nails. application was theeeee best! =)

the other 4 polishes from this Wet n Wild collection, which are a light/baby pink, a blue/green shimmer, a deeper purple, and another red polish..i probably wont go pick up. if i do pick any of the 4 up, it would probably be the light/baby pink or deep purple. but in any case, how do you like these colors? for $0.99 per bottle, its a good find! =)

oh! lastly, in yesterday's post, i was talking about how i wanted to try to avoid going into Sally's. i forgot to mention that i have two 15% off coupons that expire at the end of of course that means that i have to go back, right!? cant let them expire & go to waste! -haha uhm...but when i went into Sally's the other day, i walked right past China Glaze's Poolside collection stand; the colors arent really my cup of tea...i've seen swatches & all...but still...not exactly digging the colors. although i will say that Flip Flop Fantasy caught my attention for 2 seconds... maybe i'll stop and pick one up at my next Sally's visit. do you think there is a MUST-HAVE Poolside polish i should pick up? ooh, and i also need to go back to Sally's to pick up a few more items for my giveaway =)

enjoy your day!,

[513pm] i really have no self-control! i just got back from Meijer with 3 OPI polishes - from the Hong Kong collection! after Erin told me that she bought a bottle of OPI's Mad as a Hatter from Meijer, i've been visiting Meijer once every two weeks to see if the Alice in Wonderland collection had come in. sadly, they still are not in..but Meijer had all of the Hong Kong collection polishes on sale, $4.24 per bottle! thats HALF the regular price! so, of course, i had to pick up a few bottles. since i already have Suzie Says Feng Shui, Jade is the New Black, and Dim Sum Plum, i picked up these three....

Hot and Spicy, Lucky Lucky Lavender, and A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find.

*excitedddd !~


  1. These are great summer colors!! I love Berry Jubliee!

  2. Does anyone know where i can get wet n wild polishes in the uk? A friend got me a few a couple of years back. Helppp

  3. Stephanie, yea, the colors are really fun, summer-y colors! =)

    vegesauras, i hope someone can help ya, cause i have no clue -__-

  4. Blueberry Fizz looks awesome! Gotta get my hands on some of those nail polishes! Thanks for the swatches!

  5. you're welcome, Joyce =) the colors are pretty much worth picking up! =D

  6. I'm loving those Wetn'Wilds. I so understand the whole will power thing. I'm on a nobuy right now and have a $70 Nubar order sitting in the cart and I'm trying to hold out til after their sale is over so I can just delete it. UGH! I need a NP buying support group. lol

  7. LWTT, the polishes are pretty great in general! but its true! i think i need a support group too! hahaha no all!

  8. You're a doll! But now that you've mentioned Meijer's got the new ones half off... I might have to break my no-buy. :/ I remember getting three of the polishes from the Espana collection there for (ready for this?) $2.12 each. :D

    Also, where did you pick up your new WnW's? They're awesome, and I want them all! The no-buy is really going down the tubes, because I must have those. :)

  9. aw, thanks Erin =) and thanks for letting me know that Meijer carries OPI polishes..i wouldnt have realized it! haha oh gosh! $2.12 each?! *dies. WHAT. A. DEAL! haha jealous over here =P

    and the Wet n Wilds..i got em at Rite-Aide. but you can also find them at CVS and Walgreens. Walmart & Meijers carries WnW too..but i havent seen these new polishes there. =)

  10. Berry Jubilee and Lemon Drops would make a cute combination.... All these colors look great! I wish I had pretty nails like you though!

  11. aw, thanks Alexandria! im sure they'll still look great on you tho!

  12. these are all great! thanks for the swatches :)

  13. I need to check the other two, but the Meijer I went to didn't have any yet. Visiting that store isn't bad, though, which cheap OPIs and all! The Alice collection was also half off, but I'd already gotten what I wanted from it. Also, they had just put out Essie's Spring collection. :)

    We don't have Rite-Aid here. That didn't bother me until I started reading all of these blogs! Haha!

    Our CVS stores are ridiculously slow getting things in (you know the tiny polish bottles WnW has had out for pretty much forever now? Our CVS stores JUST got those), so I'll have to keep my eye on Walgreens. :)

    Thanks, Kat!

  14. enamel girl, you're welcome =) and thanks for looking!

    Erin, aw, what a bummer! no rite-aide? hopefully Walgreens will be on top of things & get the new polishes out asap! haha and the Walgreens is faster than CVS by my house too! haha hopefully you can find these WnW tho! =)

    i know! i saw the new Essie polishes & almost picked them up! i gotta wait till i get pain on monday & i'll go back for more! hahaha Meijer's is my new favorite! im really hoping to find the Alice in Wonderland collection there!~

  15. From the Poolside collection, I have pool party, flip flop fantasy, sun worshiper, and towel boy toy. For you, I would go back and get flip flop fantasy and sun worshiper. FFF is such a girly coral! SW is a very true orange, IMO. Not a cartoony, Warner Brothers, Bugs Bunny carrot orange. Orange. Boom.

    Cherry pop is one coat? Dang!!! I have ii already and I plan on wearing it next after I get tired of my current mani.

  16. awesome! thanks SO much for the polish help! i've been considering picking up FFF for the past few i think im gunna go pick it up next time! =) i've seen SW and it looks super bright but pretty too! maybe i'll have to get that one too! thanks sooo much =)

    and cherry pop? yea! that was just one coat! it worked amazingly! =) have fun with it for your next mani =D