Thursday, May 13, 2010

OPI Swatches

hows your Thursday been? --mine started out with pouring rain, thunder, and lots of wind!

i was super mad cause i planned a polish hunt after i failed my math exam...but the way it was POURING RAIN this morning was just crazy! so, i went to class & failed my exam...but when i stepped outside, the rain had stopped! it was dark & cloudy out, full with puddles..but it wasnt raining! so i went on ahead with my polish hunt! =) i was hunting down OPI's Mad As A Hatter & i've already tried to find it at 2 other today, i tried a new Meijer! the whole store set up was different..i felt so lost. haha there is usually a sale end-cap stand by the polishes...and thats where i find the OPI polishes that are on sale. at this new Meijer, i found one end-cap with Bullish on OPI for $2.12 ONLY! so i picked it up! i didnt see any other OPI i was quite disappointed. i wandered the polish section twice just to make sure. i was so bummed..and as i was about to walk away, i looked up & found two bottles of Mad As A Hatter, about 6 bottles of Absolutely Alice, and about 10 bottles of Off With Her Head! i literally RAN to the stand, grabbed the last two Mad As A Hatter & i grabbed an extra bottle of Absolutely Alice! then i went home happily =)

hmm..i got home & i wanted to try MAAH right away..but i LOOOOVE Absolutely Alice soooo much, i didnt want to take it off. haha so i decided to keep my right hand polished with AA & i swatched some polishes on my left hand...and now its painted with MAAH.

just a forewarning.. like i said..its super dark out today so i dont have any pretty pictures. some of the pictures look fuzzy / blurry but i made sure they were as color accurate as possible. SORRY! -__- ok!...straight to the swatches..

first, Off With Her Red! 2 coats. its a beautiful, deep red.

here's Bullish On OPI. 2 coats. doesnt it look like OWHR! ? theyre SOOO similar, but theyre not the same. application for BO OPI was better than OWHR.

here's a comparison picture of the two. 2 coats of both polish. you can BARELY tell..but OWHR is a bit brighter whereas BO OPI is a deeper red.

Hot & Spicy. 3 coats. this polish isnt my favorite when looking at it while its in the bottle. but when its on, its a favorite! its a light orange but i think it has some sort of pink undertone. it becomes more coral in some lightings than others.

A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find. 3 coats. a nice, bright, deep orange.

Lucky Lucky Lavender. 3 coats. this polish is a favorite just looking at the bottle..but when its on...its LOVE!!! its such a beautiful lilac/lavender color. there must be some pink undertones in this polish too cause it leans pink in some lightings. doesnt this polish make my nails look pretty? <--i dont say that too often..but really.. its so pretty that i almost didnt want to take it off! haha

i've had Jade is the New Black for a little more than a month & this was my first time using it. 2 coats here .. and the polish is a bit more deep, hunter green in person than shown in the picture. application was great ! love this color =)

lastly, Mad As A Hatter ! i was literally going mad for this polish...i even had a dream about it..what a weirdo, right? HAHA anyway, its mostly silver + purple glitters but you cant really see the purple in the picture. its a pretty polish but not gunna lie, it didnt meet up to its standards. HAHA i think i fell too much in love with Absolutely Alice that Mad As A Hatter just doesnt compare!~ hahaha

again, sorry for the bad pictures! -__-

hmm, in a bit, im gunna go pick up Kiana from school & we're gunna go to the mall & Sally's. so hopefully i'll be able to pick up a few things from there =)

keep posted for *something tmrw ^__^

enjoy your day!,


  1. ooow, nice. gotta go get me some, but currently on a no-spending phase. =(

  2. Thanks for swatching "hot and spicy" and "off with her red". I must say, "off with her red" doesn't seem like anything too special but "hot and spicy" is definitely going on my list!

  3. pretty pretty!! love lucky lucky lavender but I haven't bought it because I just got a Models Own that looks very similar... I can't wait to try it

  4. Pang, yea, the polishes are nice...but it would be even nicer to be on a no-spending phase! haha so much money on polishes! =P

    Jen, aw, youre welcome =) and you're right! Off With Her Red isnt anything too special..but Hot & Spicy is! haha

    Midge, LLL is pretty...but gosh! i NEEEEED some Models Own polishes!!! HAHA

  5. gurl! how are you not in love with MAAH! curse aliceee :P

  6. i LOOOOOOOOOVE AA wayyyyy more than MAAH! ahaha MAAH is pretty but its not my favorite =P

  7. the Lucky Lucky Lavender and Jade is the New Black!!nice...
    i love glitters but is kinda hard to wash them off..

  8. definitely! glitters are a pain in the butt to take off..but theyre so pretty!~ hahaha

  9. I like hot and spicy! It looks like the nice coral color I've been looking for!

  10. Amy, hot & spicy is definitely a super cute color. it only looks coral in some lightings though!

  11. You're so lucky you found more bottles of Absolutely Alice! I really want it and I should've gotten it when I got MAAH but I totally didn't. I regret so much not getting it. :< I'm now resorting to online to find AA :\ I hope I find it for a cheaper but reliable price!

    Lovely swatches and you're soo lucky you have so many resources to get nail polishes! ♥

  12. thanks Katherine! & youre right..i am pretty lucky to have so many resources to get nail polishes! then again..its a down fall too..just cause there are SOOO many places i can go to! hahaha

  13. I agree w MAAH! I was so obsessed with getting it that when I finally put it on it was kinda EH. Plus, alice is just SO awesome that MAAH could never compare. Haha.

  14. someone who understands me..thanks Becca!! =)

  15. I wore Bullish on OPI last week and really liked it, but sadly the mani didn't last because I went swimming and chipped it pretty much immediately, haha!

    Absolutely Alice definitely wins over MAAH, I'm afraid.

  16. origami, thanks for agreeing with AA over MAAH!!! hahaha but BO OPI is pretty...i still havent worn it yet. too bad it chipped off so quickly for ya.

  17. I dreamed about Sally Hansen's "Hidden Treasure" the night before I went on the hunt for it. So I guess I'm a weirdo too. Haha

  18. i guess we're both weirdos..yay =) haha