Friday, May 28, 2010


as i promised, i would blog again before leaving to North Carolina this weekend =] i know its a bit late of an update--but im tryin ;)

my most recent mani, [the "blingy" one] didnt start to chip until Wednesday during work. it lasted me from last week Thursday @ midnight [the 20th] until this Wednesday in the afternoon [the 26th]. i was so surprised! none of the rhinestones started to fall off until then! a few people asked what i use to keep my rhinestones on - - i just use a dab of my topcoat where i want to put the rhinestone..then i apply the rhinestone on, and then after a minute or two, i apply a coat of topcoat over my whole nail. i dont reapply topcoat throughout the week either. but im happy the mani lasted me so long =] of course, i had to take of my polish Wednesday night cause i hate having chipped polish..and so i tried two of my new polishes. [oh! on Tuesday, i went to the mall and bought 6 new polishes.. -__- thank goodness i managed a whole week without buying polishes (last week)..and then i randomly splurged at the mall. ergh. haha]

*blurry. ergh! sorry!* i used Forever 21's Love & Beauty Black/Purple & Icing's Grape A Licious. my pointer & middle finger have regular topcoat & my ring finger & pinky have a coat of China Glaze's Matte Magic. not gunna lie, the polishes are WAYY prettier in the i was disappointed when i applied them on my nail. in B/P, its obviously a black base with tiny purple glitters. when the polish is in the bottle, as you tilt the bottle around, the purple glitter starts to look orange & green in some lightings. when on my nail, you could barely see the glitters. GAL, in the bottle, has tiny blue and purple? glitter in it. when its on, the glitters dont look so tiny & the purple? glitter looks so *bleh. the blue glitters look pretty but it didnt capture well in the picture -__-

here are a picture of my thumbs..

so random right? haha the colors dont even match my mani & i did random designs. haha i wish my batman logo came out prettier..but it didnt.. =(

so i wore this mani to work on thursday [which was yesterday - haha], and after work, i came home & layered my nails with a coat of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure.

again, regular topcoat on my first two fingers & matte on my last two. with Hidden Treasure over B/P, the tiny glitters were definitely no longer found. they disappeared! -haha- for real though, you couldnt see em at all! with HT over GAL, it brought out more of the purple but hid most of the blue glitter.

here is a picture with flash. you can [very] slightly see the blue glitter on my middle finger.

overall, these polishes were disappointing =( although application was a breeze! all those pictures had two coats of Black/Purple & Grape A Licious. even one coat of polish would've been fine ;)

after i tried that mani with Hidden Treasure, i took the pictures & then took off the polish. of course i couldnt go to North Carolina with my nails looking like that! =P so i ended up doing my nails last night & they ended up like this..

JUST KIDDING! =) this is just a swatch of my polish. hahaha uhm..i FINALLY got around to trying out Petites Creme Blue. its a pretty, pretty, powder blue. in the picture, the blue looks dusty/dark but its really a bit brighter. [maybe its just the bad lighting in my basement..i think so. haha]

the blue here is more accurate =P my ring finger design was inspired by a gift bag that i saw @ work. it was the cutest thing! so i tried to make my nails like it. ahaha. uhm, i also tried a new way of doing flowers. they turned out alright. i used three silver beads as the middle of my flowers. uhm, i usually make my ring finger the odd color but this time, i did it to my middle finger. i used turquoise-ish glitter & made a heart, then i lined the heart with tiny silver beads. i tried to do a glitter gradient on my pointer finger, but i failed @ i drew lines on top & put some silver beads on. then i did a half-moon thing on my ring finger with the silver beads..and by that time, it was almost 1am so i went easy on my thumb & drew on two lines.. =P those beads are a pain in the ass! -just sayin. i dont know why i used so many in this mani! haha

when i woke up at 11am today [HAHA! yep. i slept in today!] i didnt like my pointer finger - - at all! i wanted to change it so badly! but right when i woke up, i got ready & i was out the door to run errands. i've been going crazy today! im super moody & i had to drive around town with my grandma with my gas tank light flashing at me reminding me that i dont have gas left; along with my phone constantly ringing cause there are things that people want me to do; plus, i havent packed yet nor did i eat nor have my coffee while i was up, driving around.

anyway, i finally got home around 130am & i ate & just relaxed a bit. i also just redid my pointer finger nail about...15min ago?! =P here's how it turned out.

i used my favorite pastel blue polish, Finger Paints' Blissfully Blue as the base & i used Creme Blue & white polish for the dots. its simple; but i like it better.

wow! today i threw in a bunch of random things! hopefully i didnt bore ya to death! im not sure if this post makes much sense cause i have a headache & im trying to hurry & write down all the stuff in my head but theres too many random stuff floating on my mind right now. plus, i gotta get packing cause its already 330pm & we're leaving in about.. 2.5 hours! and i take FOREVERRRR to pack, so i should start... haha

if youre in the States, have a fun & safe Memorial Weekend! if you're not in the States, have a fun & safe weekend!! =)

off to North Carolina~,


  1. Wow i love your blue mani ! : D

  2. i love it all!!You are so god at this!!!

  3. dude.

    silver beads? argh.

    they take forever to dry in the spot you want them to. sometimes I think they are dry..use my hands normally and then find out some of my beads shifted. >:(

    your mani looks really really pretty. I may have to copy you. I hope you dont mind. also I hope you dont lose any beads over time. i always do

    anyways...have a fun trip!

  4. Omg I love all.... Specially your tumbs and blue nail arts =) Good job girl!

  5. that blue mani is gorgeous!!! i can't wait to get my hands on blissfully blue.

  6. waow, that blue is gorgeous (:
    Your lines are so straight, do you do them by freehand?
    And I'm sorry to hear about the disappointment in your purchase ): Hope it goes well next time :D
    And I loooove the polka dots you did for your pointer/index finger. It's so cute :]

  7. I love your posts and randomness...its like your nails...I never know what I'm going to see when I come here but I always love it. I liked both versions of today's mani. Have a great and safe trip!

  8. haha, i love your ramblings. too funny. I haven't gotten any of those silver ball things, but I hear they're hellish. They are cute tho! and I like both versions of the index finger, they came out cute. have fun in NC! I'm going there in a couple weeks too!

  9. thanks Eva!

    thanks ingegerd =)

    thanks a lot shortnails! ooh! go ahead & do the mani ;) i'd love to see your version too!

    zuzu, thanks!! =)

    enamel girl, thank you! and blissfully'll enjoy it! =)

    yen janette; thank you! my lines are freehanded. just use a long, thin brush =)

    LWTT, thanks ! hahah im a pretty random person =P

    Midge, thanks! =P the silver beads are definitely pretty hellish but they make a mani so cute!! win-lose situation. haha

  10. i LOVE that light blue ad white mani... good job!

  11. I love your nail designs, awesome!