Monday, May 10, 2010

Strawberries in Strawberry Fields

good morning Monday! i hope all of you had a great weekend =) and a Happy belated Mother's Day!

speaking of Mother's Day...yesterday, i painted my nails with one of my mom's favorite polishes out of my polish stash. haha its super of course my mom loves it! here's China Glaze's Strawberry Fields !

here's a picture with the flash on..i forgot to turn the flash off...but the picture turned out its all good =)

here's a picture with lighting from the beautiful sun =) see the awesome gold glitters? -beauty! =)

i've read lots, and lots, and lots of reviews on Strawberry Fields so i finally picked myself up a bottle a month or two ago. my mom tried it and loved it but yesterday was my first time using it. its really worth all the rave that it gets! but personally, its a bit too girly for me... which is weird cause i LOVE pink polishes and all..but...yea... =P

of course..i needed to do some nail art of some sort on my what else would be better with Strawberry Fields than some strawberries!?

now this is super girly! haha

the pink base on my ring finger is Revlon's Pink Chiffon. application as a huge P A I N! the polish is super streaky.. i had to use 4 coats of polish, although i didnt want to ... uhm, the stripes on my thumb is.. Maybelline's Bubble Pink. much easier to work with than Revlons.

well, i guess this is it for now.. =)

have a great beginning of the week!,


  1. It's very cut. I love.

  2. Frag that's cute. My nail art skills totally blow :(

  3. Oh my gosh, what a CUTE manicure! I don't have Strawberry Fields but I always consider buying it. I think the only polish I have from Summer Days is Cherry Pie, actually.

  4. Stopdidine, thanks =)

    thedogismine, aw, just keep practicing! your nail art will get better! practice really helps! =)

    thanks Michelle =D

    aw, thanks Tierney =)

    Stephanie, aw, thank you =) i have to check out the other Summer Days collection now...but Strawberry Fields is a good buy, personal opinion. haha =P

  5. It's a good thing you are not here right now, cuz I'd EAT those nails....that is so yummy and cute!
    I just ordered this, and I can't wait!!!


  6. aw, thanks Tiffani! & awesome! you just ordered it? haha the polish is so pretty! i hope you enjoy it as much as i do =)

  7. that was realllly cute...
    ooo..Strawberry Field's has glitter in it??
    that's cool...i'll go check it out n buy it if i could find it!!!hehe

  8. Yokemun, yea, strawberry fields is a really pretty pink with gold shimmer ;) good luck finding it!

  9. Sooo cute! I'm definitely considering to get Strawberry Fields after my month ban! :P

  10. katherine, haha its a really cute color! & i hope your ban has been going well =)

  11. Wow! I stumbled upon your blog, but I'm already loving it! You have the cutest and most creative nail art I've seen, and such pretty nails! :)

  12. musicalhouses, aw! you're so sweet! thank you =D

  13. HO-LY crap!!! I thought I wanted this polish before but now I NEED it! I've never seen it so bright in pictures. and your strawberry mani is to die for! so freakin adorable

  14. thanks Ren! & Strawberry Fields is such a pretty color! =)

  15. Cute! I like the strawberry theme. And the polish itself is so pretty!

  16. Awwh love the designs !
    I have that polish! Most gorgeous pink ever, and I am not a pink person !!

  17. aw, thanks MM =) wow! considering that youre not a pink person, if you like Strawberry Fields - - its a super good polish! haha =)