Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Absolutely Beautiful Alice

i think im in love with this polish. OPI's Absolutely Alice is an absolute beauty!~

if you follow me on twitter, you know [maybe] that i went on a mini-polish hunt on rainy, windy Tuesday. i've been hunting Meijers down for OPI's Alice in Wonderland collection...especially since they are only $4.24 @ Meijers. i went to two Meijers that day..and also a Sally's. i was able to pick up the last two bottle of Absolutely Alice, one bottle of Off With Her Red, Essie's Neo Whimsical, & Maybelline's La La Lime from Meijers. i stopped by Sally's to pick up a bottle of China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy but they were i picked up a bottle of Sun Worshipper, Finger Paints' Drawn To This Shade, and a few other polishes for my *upcoming giveaway =) i also got another 15% off coupon & im SO excited! hahaha

anyway..onto my swatch of Absolutely Alice..

this polish is so much more beautiful in real life than it is in pictures. i've seen so many swatches of AA & so i thought AA was a dark, navy blue w/silver glitter polish. but when its on, the silver and the blue together make the blue look more bright royal blue / turquoise. i cant explain it well...its just so freakin pretty!

here's a blurry-ish but more color accurate picture.

i cant stop looking at my nails... ^__^

anyway, i took a break from studying to paint my nails & blog. i guess i better get back! tomorrow morning at 10am, i have my final - final exam of the semester =) i know im not going to do well on my i've prepared something for myself.. after i do horribly, im gunna treat myself another polish hunt =) im gunna try a new Meijer & stop by another Sally's. =) im determined to get Mad as a Hatter & Flip Flop Fantasy!

haha. have a great night / day!


  1. I love this one too. It's so blingtastic in the sun. Good luck on your final :)

  2. Ping, thanks! i need all the luck i can get. hahah and yes..AA is definitely super blingy! cant wait to see it tmrw in the sun =)

  3. This is such a pretty blue glitter polish. Definitely going on my list. Can you swatch "off with her red" too?
    Good luck with your finals!

  4. I'm too late for Absolutely Alice since it's soo hard to find online x_x; I wish I got it earlier when I got Mad As A Hatter :(

  5. Thanks Jen! And I'll try to swatch OWHR ;)

    Aw, at least you have MAAH, Katherine! I'm going maddd looking for that one! Haha hopefully you'll be able to find one soon ;}

  6. i have this & i love it too! it`s so glittery!

  7. yea, its definitely a beauty =)

  8. You know, I didn't originally want this color but now that the hoopla has worn off and I see an occasional swatch of it...its really growing on me. Congrats on your rainy day haul. :)

  9. LWTT, thanks =) im glad something good comes from rainy days -- sometimes. haha but yea, i agree. at first, i didnt like the Alice in Wonderland collection..but now i love it! well, AA & MAAH are the ones i love. haha

  10. I had to call one of my local Sally's to see if it had FFF in stock. Yeah they did, only one bottle!!!! They held it for me behind the counter until I came to buy it the next day :) I think the salesperson recognized my voice!

    Ain't Absolutely Alice awesome?!?!? It was another polish I had to hustle for.

  11. Definitely an awesome glitter!

  12. thedogismine, really? they had just one bottle left? how awesome! i was able to pick up a bottle today! =P but heck yes! AA is THE BESTTTT! i love it! haha

    thanks Amy! it really is! haha