Monday, May 24, 2010

Blingy Nails

oh gosh..another lame blog title.. -__-

sorry i havent posted since...Wednesday!? i redid my nails on Friday night but i usually dont have time to blog on the weekends so i wasnt able to post anything until now. hopefully you all had a great weekend ;)

on to my nails...

this is a picture with flash..but its more color accurate. i used my Nina Pro Black & Essie's New Whimsical. Neo Whimsical is a really light lavender with hints of pink. [Salena was determined that NW is pink & not lavender. haha]

here's another angle of my the sunlight. i used 4mm jump rings [i saw a lot of Japanese nail art with jump rings so i gave it a shot.. =P] i also used 2.2mm, 3mm, & 5mm rhinestones. and then i used silver & purple glitter as well.

hmm..guess what? i completed my week of NO BUY!! *claps! thanks to everyone for their support! haha i actually dont really HAVE to have any polishes at the moment - - besides for OPI's Shrek collection..haha. but im gunna try to keep my polish buying low cause i have many new & unused polishes that keep staking up! hopefully i'll get to trying those soon!

anyway, im going to North Carolina this weekend with my family to visit family & friends. hopefully i'll be able to post again this week...i should be able to.. =P

hope your Monday is going great!,


  1. oh wow. this is super cuteee!! X:D i've never done anything like that on my nails before. :) XX

  2. Congrats on the no buy! These nails are super cool and different. :)

  3. Great!!

  4. Well done :) your nails look AMAZING :)

  5. Wow! Not for everyday,! So much fun!

  6. i love them! that color is so cute.

  7. I really enjoy reading your blog. I tagged you with an award. You can pick it up at my blog:

  8. love love love love!!!!!!!

    how long did you have to wait for the stuff to dry? whenever I do big stuff it seems to take longer than normal to dry then when I think it's dry I accidentally bump it and the stuff moves around and well looks bad.

    did the blingy's get annoying?

  9. london's-beauty, thanks =) i usually dont do anything like this either..but its definitely fun & worth a try ;D

    thanks Asami :)

    thanks Kathy!

    thanks Becca! i didnt think i would last a whole week..hahah =P

    zuzu, thanks :)

    emma, thank you =)

    thanks Bethanie!

    origami, yea, its definitely not an everyday kind of mani..but its fun. ahaha =P

    thanks Courtney! and Neo Whimsical is super cute & light ;)

    LWTT, thanks so much :)

  10. Li Lian, thanks ;) but i just waited my normal waiting time for everything to dry. since i just do a small layer of top coat & then apply the rhinestones - i wait about 2-3 minutes then i apply a topcoat over the whole nail. then i just the normal 2-3 minutes.. haha

    but, the blingys actually dont get in the way very much. the only one that is kinda bothering me is the big rhinestong on my thumb cause i put it too close to the side where the keyboard its a bit complicated to type with. ahhaa

    hopefully you'll get to try it! =)

  11. Very pretty Katrina. That was a cool idea to use jump rings.........

    One week without buying polish OMG. I can't go a day without buying something. You're doing great!

  12. Enamel girl, thanks =) and thanks to those Japanese magazines, those jump rings came in handy! hahaa but..i know! a whole week without polishes! cant believe i did it either!! haha thanks ;)

  13. awesome, awesome ,awesome !!!!!!

  14. Zomg~ Your nails are so pretty (:
    I really like the lavender colour, it's so cute ^^
    Did you just used normal silver and purple glitter?
    Anyways, it looks amazing :D

  15. frumsikapro, thanks ;)

    yen jannette, thank you! and yupp, just regular silver & purple glitter ;)

  16. i love the new essie color. Now i have to buy it =( partially cause purple is my fav color. I have a question, do you use nail glue for your stones? Mine comes off really fast sometimes and i don't use nail glue. lol

  17. i love the nail art you're doing

    I awarded you the sweet blogger award :)

  18. Congratulations on your one week ban! :) and the blingy nails are cute! I actually considered getting Neo Whimsical but then I decided not to get it. Now I regret not getting it for $4, bleh. If I get it now it's $8 :\.

  19. love it so much!!!
    i like the jump rings...i'm gonna try n hunt for those now too!!!ehehe
    oh n congrats on the no buy!!!!
    have a fun n safe trip with ur family!!!:)

  20. thanks Allison =) nope, i dont use nail glue. i just use a dab of topcoat where i want my rhinestone to be & then i place my rhinestone on..then i layer a coat of topcoat on my whole nail. i usually just use topcoat & it stays on well; have you tried just topcoat?

    amused polish, thanks ! =) and thanks for the award!

    Katherine, thank you! i made it through a whole week! wheph! haha but wow! Neo Whimiscal was only $4? and you didnt get it? bummer! its so pretty!

    ingegerd, thank you ;)

    yokemun, thanks! and yea, the jump rings were creative! thank goodness for the magazines i saw them in! haha and thank you :)

  21. What an amazing mani ! I love it :)