Monday, May 3, 2010

Video Tutorial - finally!

its been long overdue..sorry! after my first attempt of uploading my video onto youtube, about two or three weeks ago, everything got messed up & i was so frustrated, i havent touched my video until today.

for some reason, youtube would only upload the first 4 minutes & 07 seconds of my entire i had to split the last 1 minute & 10 seconds onto another video . [lame, right!?!?!?!] so i have two parts to this tutorial. sorry its not the best! -quality wise & detail wise! this was my first video tutorial so everything was a bit awkward for me. haha

here goes!;

hope you enjoyed it! if you have any tips for making video tutorials, please share!



  1. Okay, holy crap. Can I just tell you that Hey, Soul Sister is like my favorite song ever right now? It is my ringtone. It is on repeat in my car. It is on loop on iTunes. For some reason I can't get enough of it. I'm a huge Train fan anyway (My Private Nation is one of my favorite albums of all time) but that song is just constantly playing anywhere that I am. I squealed with glee when I pressed play on your video.

    And nice tutorial. Thank you!

  2. yay for ur first video tutorial!! looks easy seeing u painting it but i can be very sure is gonna be reallll hard for me to draw tht...
    ok i think i'm gonna go buy some acrylic paint!!
    thanks katrina!!!

  3. thanks Steph! and you know what?! im completely obsessed with Hey, Soul Sister right now too! thats why i decided to make it the background music of this video! hahaha too funny =) its such a great song though!

    yokeMun, thanks! i know the tutorial was w/bad quality.. ahaha i hope it turns out ok for ya =)

  4. thank you!!!!!!!! :) i love the tutorial and i'm also obsessed with the song!

  5. thanks Jan =) ME TOO! i definitely looooooooooooove the song! always replaying it . haha

  6. Great tutorial! Thank you very much! ^__^***

  7. thanks Kanji =) thanks for watching too. haha

  8. I didn't know you could use acrylic paint on your nails! Do you have any guidelines for using it? Like when do you choose to use it over regular nail polish? Also, were you using the Poshe over dry nails? I've only used it on the wet nails (as per directions) because I was afraid it would peel off of dry ones. I love your roses! AH, they're so cute.

  9. thanks Jessica! yea, acrylic paint is much easier to use when doing designs! it doesnt dry as quickly as nail polish & its easier to use! theres really no guidelines [that i know of] - i just use it right on top of my regular np. but i always use my Poshe over dry nails. works well! i havent even tried it over wet nails..maybe i should try it soon. haha