Wednesday, May 19, 2010

tired & [un]inspired

Happy Wednesday!~

today is a beautiful day--the sun is out & its pretty warm, contrary to yesterdays dark, gloomy weather. sucks that i have to go work in a while..

so yesterday i was in a pretty bad mood & i wanted to paint my nails. but i've been feeling uninspired i spent almost an hour looking at nail art on flickr & tumblr & on blogs. i think i ended up liking 4 designs..? -__- anyway, when i started doing my nails [around 10pm] i didnt like it so i redid it..and started a new mani around 11pm. i didnt finish til about 1am...? i was so tired & i free-handed everythingggg [so it took much longer]...but i guess my nails turned out pretty good...

my middle finger was inspired by Emerald Sparkled's post. from there, the rest of my nails were inspired by random tumblr posts...and some that i made up during the night.. =P

the polishes i used: China Glaze Flyin' High, Sally Hansen White On, Nina Ultra Pro Black, Icing Golden Child, & Pure Ice Magic.

i honestly didnt even know i had Golden Child & Magic [which is the copper-y polish]. thank goodness im on my "no buying nail polish week" cause theres all these pretty polishes i have & have never used! haha speaking of my "no buying nail polish" thing..i think its going pretty well. its already Wednesday & i've not bought one polish =) BUT! i have a running OUT of my basecoat...if i go buy a new bottle basecoat, will that break my polish ban? cause i dont have any more basecoat...ah! what to do! o__O

oh, by the way, "Tired & Uninspired" is the title of a song by My American Heart. i love watching AJ Rafael on youtube & here is his cover of Tired & Uninspired with Jesse Barrera (who is in My American Heart).

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enjoy your day!,


  1. Love your nails! For the ring finger did you do it the same way as when you did the pink&yellow zebra nails? Before letting one dry and applying the other so that it mixes together?

    I think you should get a new basecoat BUT you can't buy any other nail polishes. If you get the basecoat you'll be able to use your other un-used polishes and be tempted to buy more? It'll be like a test on whether you can stay true to your ban or not. Good lucks!

  2. very nice katrina. why are you always doing your nails so late at night?! lol

  3. Very nice cut. I love it

  4. Beautiful. Basecoat doesn't count as a polish purchase IMHO.

  5. base coat doesnt count. and i'm the moderator so you gotta believe me ;)

  6. Basecoat doesnt count as a polish. Just try not to look at any polishes on the way to the registers!

  7. my jaw literally dropped. i LOVE them. i`m FAR from patient enough to take that long on my nails. but they look great on you!

  8. these are pretty. much. awesome.
    love the color choices!

  9. thanks Katherine =) and yepp, the way i did my ring finger is the same way i did my pink & yellow. just be sure to kinda mix the two polishes together..cause sometimes it doesnt always mix to make a blend. haha but thanks! hopefully i'll be able to pick up a bottle of basecoat w/o picking up anything else!!~

    thanks Pang! i usually paint my nails late at night..just...i dont know. i just always do. its weird. hahaha

    stopdidine. thank you =)

    Jaljen, thanks! =D

    thanks Eva ;)

    haha, i believe ya Anouk =D

    i'll definitely try to avoid polishes when i go get my basecoat, Jen =P

    aw, thanks Courtney!~ its weird, im usually really impatient but when it comes to doing nails, im SUPER patient! haha

  10. Really cute! I love each design & the colors look great together <3

  11. creative... that was so nice.. I love the way you mix the diff colors.. great idea! well done

  12. Love it. I am always drawn to animal prints with wonderful assortments of colors. Going to my faves for sure.
    Buy the basecoat. It is a necessity.

  13. thanks Becca!

    haha, thanks Emma =)

    aw, thanks Joy =D

    AON, thanks ;)

    thanks Thriszha! ;]

    aw, thanks Taki ;) im usually drawn to animal prints too. haha but i think i will go buy a basecoat =P

  14. i love that pinky nail the best! man... nevermind.. they're all lovely!

  15. I love these nails where do you come up with such unique ideas? Well you should buy basecoat so you can post more nail pictures!

  16. Sandeep, aw, thanks! some of the ideas are inspired by other nails & some just randomly pop in my head. haha

  17. Neat designs! They look good!

  18. Damnnn, soo cute~ You are so creative! haha :3

  19. this is so pretty. i love your color choices!!!

  20. choco muffin, thanks! you're so sweet ;)

    enamel girl, thank you!

  21. this design is so intricate and well put together! i absolutely love it <3