Sunday, May 2, 2010

"It's Not Your Wedding" Nails + Wkd Haul

Happy Sunday!

yesterday was my cousin's of course i had to do my nails. on Wednesday night, i asked my sister Kiana how i should do my nails and she said "just do something simple. its not your wedding, dont do something too nice!" - haha. so since it wasnt my wedding, here are my simple nails;

my dress was mauve-ish with a shimmer & i wore white shoes & necklace... so i did a simple french tip with mauve & white roses...w/a shimmer layer on top.

here's a better picture of the shimmer on my nails;

a picture of me & my sisters; Salena -- me -- Kiana.

moving on, since Stephanie posted about Wet n Wild's new line of colors last week...i've been on a hunt! and i found them today! - and a few other polishes!

my haul from today.

Sunkist Paradise, Bubble Yum Gum, Berry Jubilee, Candy Apple Twist, Lemon Drops, Mint Fusion, Cherry Pop, & Blueberry Fizz.

these babies are $0.99 only! but Walgreens is having a "buy one get one 50% off" so i picked up 8 polishes out of the 12 in the collection for only $6.

Rimmel Black Satin, Sinful Colors Mercury Rising, Petites Periwinkle & Creme Blue, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure & Gray by Gray.

my Rimmel was only $1.00 @ CVS; the SC polish is for my Kiana...i have to do her nails for prom & thats a perfect shade of her dress!; Petite came out with new polishes--hopefully better than the old!--$3.99 per bottle but it was "buy one get one 50% off" at Rite-Aide so i got one for about $1.99. Rite-Aide also had the "buy one get one 50% off" on Sally Hansen polishes so i bought another Hidden Treasure, for my next giveaway =) & i picked up a Gray by Gray for myself!

i've been slowly getting things together for my next giveaway, by the way =)

well, i hope your weekend has been well =) i know i've been super crabby cause of the annoyingly hot & humid weather we're having in Michigan. haha

i hope May started out great for ya;


  1. cute nails! &i love the colors in the wet n wild collection. def gonna have to check em out.

  2. ooh, these colors are gorgeous. i have to go shopping after finals!!!

  3. i forgot to add your mani is adoreable!

  4. that mani is so cute. did you do your cousins mani too? what base did you use for the french mani? i like that is is kind of pearlie

  5. thanks Emma! and no prob!

    thanks Courtney! have fun =)

    Eva, i know! im excited for it! haha

    Enamel Girl, thanks! =) and good luck w/your finals! have fun afterward =)

    shortnails, aw, thanks! no, i didnt do her mani =P haha but i used Essence Candy Kiss for the pearl effect

  6. I like the new Wet&Wild yellow and green one!
    I like the new petites too!
    I went to the Walgreens and Rite Aid in my neighborhood and NEITHER of them had hidden treasure. I asked them whether they knew if they were getting them in or not and they said maybe.. and rite aid said maybe next week. So I'm definitely going to back! :D

    LOVE YOUR NAILS BY THE WAY! I want to do the rose - I haven't tried yet though. :P

  7. thanks Katherine! roses are fun to make. i made a tutorial but it got messed up..gotta work on that. hahah but im excited to try the new Wet n Wild polishes =) hopefully i can swatch a few soon! and i hope you'll be able to find Hidden Treasure!! =) good luck!

  8. love those nails! nice smile on the pic too :) ...i am waiting for your tutorial... pretty please? :)

  9. Great picture of you and your sisters. :) I have been picking some of the Wetn'Wild's up myself because of their great price and easy application, not to mention their color selection (oops, I did mention it lol)

  10. thanks Jan =) sorry to keep you waiting for the tutorial! im working on it! if it doesnt upload all goofy like it did before, i'll have it up soon! =)

    LWTT, thanks =) i agree! for the price that Wet n Wild's are...they're great! haha