Friday, May 7, 2010

Polka Dotty Mani

its a super rainy day today..with thunder, lightening, wind...all that messy stuff. it puts me in an unhappy mood. good thing i did this mani last night when i was in a good mood... =)

just a simple french tip mani w/polka dots. i was short on time last night so i didnt do anything fancy.

guess im out of words for this entry...

have a great weekend!,


  1. I love your manis! They are all so cute and thoughtful. We have snow where I'm at....I'd take your rain instead. lol

  2. This mani is absolutely adorable! Come do my nails next please? jk :D

  3. thanks so much LWTT! =] and oh gosh! you have SNOW!? i guess i should appreciate the rain then! haha

    Stephanie, aw, thanks! =) and SURE! i can do your nails next! haha =P

  4. Oh my gosh, so CUTE! I love this!

  5. Oh, that is so playful and cute!!!! CUTE!!!!

  6. aw, thanks Asami =)

    thedogismine, thanks =)

    thanks Midge!

  7. I love this. Did you use a variety of dotting tools? I'm so unskilled with mine, going to hunt up some tutorials, this is such a cute mani!

  8. Katrina, that is WAAAAAYYY cute!!! Like candy and sweet stuff all over your nails.

  9. I love it! It's so colorful that it makes the rain go away.. :P
    I should give it a go, because.. well I want to try it too! Too pretty!

  10. that's so great! thanks for sharing! i think i'm gonna do this for my nails now! thanks for the inspiration!! : )

  11. ThRiSzHa, thanks =)

    thanks Elizabeth! and no, i didnt use different dotting tools, just one. i waited for one of the polishes to get goopy..thats how i get my bigger dots. hahaha

    Helena, aw, thanks =)

    jo.frougal, thanks! =) and yea, definitely try it! its fun! & dont forget to show me! =)

    thanks Emily! show me your nails once you've tried em =)

    enamel girl, thank you =D

    thanks Michelle! =)

    shortnails, aw, im glad =)

  12. WHAT!!!! how could you not have tried atlantis or emerald sparkle?? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!!!!

    actually understood. so many polishes..and we only have 10 fingers and 10 toes..

    but honestly they were both kind of hard to remove. emerald sparkle was a bit easier to remove but still required a bit of scrubbing. the downfall of glitter =(

  13. shortnails, haha i know! i gotta put use to those polishes asap! i'll let you know when it happens! haha but youre right! taking off glitter polishes = sucky! but theyre so pretty to look at! haha

    origami, thanks =)

  14. that is so so nice!!!!
    the polka dots i did they are like big blotches!!
    urs are so cute!!!:)

  15. thanks Emma =) it did put me in a better mood.. haha

    thanks yokemun! different sized dots are always good =)

  16. this mani is absolutely adorable! so playful and cutie!