Friday, June 25, 2010

Simple Mani + Award


sorry i've been MIA this week. i've been lazy [yet again] and i've been in a bad mood all week.. so i didnt have much to post. i will say that i was going to swatch my Zoya's on Wednesday, since i had the day off..but Wednesday was not a good day to swatch. the weather was not on my good side & the sun kept trying to play hide-and-seek with me; not fun.

anyway, yesterday morning [Thursday morning] i wore Zoya's Charla. such a beautiful polish~ the sun wasnt out in the morning so i didnt get to take a picture of it. but last night..i took Charla off, since "she"? was chipping...and decided to repaint my nails. for some odd reason, i felt like doing a french mani..and then i added a little bit of a flower on my middle finger.

this picture was taken half an hour ago..with the sun. you cant really see the flower so..'s a picture i took last night, right after i finished my mani. i didnt even clean up yet.. -__- but at least you can see the flower more. this picture is with the flash on.

i also want to post an award i got.. ;)

Rules of this award are:
1. Thank the person who gave this award to you.
-- Enamel Girl, thanks sooo much :)

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
-- done*

3. List 3 things which you love about your self.
-- honestly, i've been thinking about this for 15 minutes. i guess theres not much about myself that i love. haha so instead, i'll post 3 random things about me.

--1: i wouldnt say im a perfectionist, but i like things in one certain way, in one certain order.
--2: i hate, hate, HATE it when people cough, yawn, or sneeze without covering up. its the most disgusting thing & it pisses me off...SO much.
--3: i love k-pop [korean music]. even though im not korean, i am more updated on current k-pop than i am with current music in the States.

4. Post a picture you love.

mint chocolate chip ice cream; my favorite <3

5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.

-- Kathy
-- Li Lian
-- Jan
-- yokeMun
-- Jackie S.


to end this post, i have a question; am i supposed to have a disclosure policy on my page? even if everything i post is purchased by me?

alrighty, i have to head off to work soon. i hope today is a good day; this past week has really been bad. =/ and tonight, my sisters, friends & i might go eat at the same Korean restaurant that we went to last hopes that the cute waiter is there tonight. *crosses fingers. please cross your fingers with me too. haha

hope your weekend starts out great!


  1. This is really adorable! I hope the next week gets better for you!

  2. I admit I haven't taken the time to research the requirements for disclosure policies; I figured I'd do that when/if a company contacts me to send me something to review. So far that hasn't happened, so I have no policy for my nail blog.

  3. you're welcome dear.

    i'm not sure about the policy. maybe one of the experts will come in and answer because i want to know also.

  4. I have a policy on my site, just in case a company calls me. I wouldn't worry about it till you are contacted or sent something :)

    Love this manicure, and thanks for the award :)

  5. If you offer an opinion about anything, good or bad, you should. It would give you more credibility.

    Chocolate mint! :D Oh gawd I LOVE that flavor!!!

  6. Your nails are really pretty (:
    Congrats about the award, lol xD

  7. The FTC disclaimer was made up so that bloggers/vloggers can't just say they love an item just because they're getting paid for it, but there are people who don't follow it anyway or half-ass it. But no one really calls anyone out on it the fine for not having one is like $11,000, but if you falsely accuse some of breaking/bending the rules it's like double that or something. Don't quote me on those numbers though .__.

    I've been thinking about getting one too but idk @__@ ;

    & thanks for the tag, I'll get to it when I'm not lazy >D

    -Kathy ♥

  8. nice mani !!
    i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!

  9. as always, loveeeee the mani u did!!!lovely as always and thanks for the award!!!!=))

  10. aw, thanks Michelle :)

    me either; i guess we should look into the whole disclosure policy.. =P

    if an expert lets me know the details, i'll be sure to share ;)

    thanks Jackie ;) and no prob!

    tdim, i know! its my favorite!~ haha

    Yen Janette, thanks :D

    Kathy, no prob. and thanks for the info!~

    Lily, thanks!

    yokemun, thanks :) and no prob!

    thanks Camy :)

  11. thank you katrina :) i love kpop too! se7en, rain, super jr... i love them all! lol... and of course, i'm only a few hours away from korea :)i also live in a korean town lol

    i love your mani. simple yet elegant! :)

  12. thanks Jan! wow! you live close to Korean Town? AWESOME! and you only live a few hours away from Korea? SO JEALOUS!!! haha

  13. I love how dainty and polished your nails look. So sweet.