Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lucky Lucky

Happy Sunday! i hope all of you ladies had a great weekend! ;)

thanks to all of you who wished me luck & helped me wish for good weather. we DEFINITELY had good weather this past weekend. it was supposed to thunderstorm both yesterday & today and thankfully, it didnt. the sun was beaming down on us although it was occasionally hidden by the dark clouds. it was great weather. being the stubborn person that i am & because i usually dont burn easily, i didnt put on sunblock on all weekend [cause i wasnt expecting good weather]. disaster struck! on Saturday, i had my hair down & my bangs covering half of my face. i ended up getting a tan on my forehead at the end of the day. half of my forehead was covered by my bangs so it didnt get burned but the other half that wasnt had a pretty good red burn on it. so i had two different color foreheads. haha so embarrassing! i had to pin my bangs up for today so that i could even out my tan. thankfully, it evened out. but the rest of my forehead, my cheeks, nose, shoulders, chest, & back are all burned. its a pain. literally. =P oh, and for volleyball..we placed 5th place out of 14. not good. but not too bad.

but thanks ladies, for all the warm wishes & all the luck =)

anyway, on to the topic of nails, here's the mani i did on Friday night;

3 coats of OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender. 2 coats would've been good but i was tired & had some bald spots while painting. the polish must've given me extra luck.. haha. lame joke. =/ anyway, this is just something simple for the weekend. i ended up getting a looooot of compliments on it.. uhm, im kinda bummed cause this mani kinda looks like my blingy nails right? -__-

i've been wearing China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy on my toenails & this past weekend, EVERYONE kept telling me how bright my toenails are. HAHA. but i hate feet & i hate it when people look at my feet so i just laughed & turned away. *haha.

anyway, im burned out. literally. =P

have a great night...or day,


  1. I like this mani very much. Looks like something that goes with my blog's theme...Pink!
    Great that you had nice weather. We will have a heat index of 110 tomorrow and then 111 on Tuesday. I'm in Orlando, FL. (to warn those that are planning to visit here)

  2. I like your weekend mani. It's very pretty and girly. But how do you keep nail length and play volleyball at the same time? I didn't bowl last weekend because I didn't want to break a nail, lol.

  3. omg this is ADORABLE! i might have to copy it :P

  4. Oh wow! its sooooooo pretty... ^ ^ love it

  5. Hi Katrina, just discovered your blog. Your design is so sweet and cute :)

  6. cute mani! how do you manage to make your heart look so neat and perfect?

  7. thanks Kimberly =) wow! thats some HOT weather! i was dying this past weekend & the highest it got was 87! hahah i wouldnt last in FL! =P

    winterbabe98, thanks ;)

    Enamel Girl, thanks! yea, it is pretty girly. haha uhm, i actually trimmed down my nails to this shorter length to be able to play volleyball. i didnt want to risk breakage. hahaha as long as theyre not too long, i can play. but bowling..that would be hard to play with longer nails! haha

    ren, thanks ;) and yea, definitely try it out =D

    sara h, thanks =)

    hi Jin! thanks so much ;D

    anonymous, thanks :) i just used a thin brush to draw out my heart =)

    tdim, aw, thanks ;)

  8. i love it.. its pretty in pink so girlie

  9. zomg~ your nails are so cute...again :3

  10. OMG, I hate feet too LOL.
    I still wear a size 3 and people are like you're feet are sooo cute and I'm like OMGNOOO. And they're like LOLWTFKATHY.
    So I'm not the only one who hates feet :D
    -Kathy ♥

  11. thanks Thrsizha ;)

    Yen Jannette, thanks :)

    Kathy, HAHA! i know exactly how you feel! i hate feet! i hate it! ahaha i do the same thing you do too! haha

  12. You have such creative and cute manis. I get the impression they are like your personality. Very sweet.

  13. LWTT, aw, thanks ! you're so sweet! =)

  14. Really beautiful!

    Lovely blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  15. you wore your nails like that while playing volleyball? that is awesome. a real dedicated nail polish addict =)

    I'm glad your tan evened out. you should put some aloe vera cream on your burns it will soothe it out for sure.

    my friend went skiing and she wore ski goggles..well the next day at work she at a super dark tan on her face....except that it outlined her ski goggles so that part was normal skin color and the rest super red

  16. thanks stopdidine ;)

    haha of course! i had to have somewhat pretty nails while playing volleyball :) thank goodness my forehead tan evened out..too bad im peeling now & its sooo ugly! hhahaa oh my gosh! your poor friend! HAHA thats why i didnt wear sunglasses all weekend! to avoid "raccoon eyes"! haha

  17. Such a cute mani, I love how you did it *thumbs up*

  18. cute nails! love the colors and the design! :)

  19. really cute mani, I also tried it, you can see pictures at my blog :

  20. i checked it out, super cute! great job :)