Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekend Haul!

i havent posted in a few days... o__O thats cause i've been to lazy to redo my nails. ha. ha.

but, i have something to share today ! =)

so i almost went a full week of not buying polishes! i was so proud of myself! until...i had my first Ulta experience this morning! it. was. awesome! =D finally found some Essence and good OPI colors! after Ulta, my sister, Salena, friend, Cindy, and i went to the Sally's that was conveniently located a few shops down the plaza from Ulta. Sally's was having a bigger discount today so, of course, i bought some polishes there too! and then Salena and i went to Meijer and i found two more polishes. great day so far =) straight to pictures...

my new babies =) time for close ups!

my new Essence stuff! i've been wanting to try one of those Nail Art Stampy Set for a while now. i figured, if im decent at it, im going to order some Konad stuff. haha $2.99 for a kit; good deal. oh, and by the way, i bought two of the stampy for me and one for my next giveaway...whenever that may be =)

from left to right: Candy Kiss, Plum Perfect, What Do U Think, Everybody's Talking About, Sundancer, and Space Queen. i found Candy Kiss all by itself, away from the Essence section; i wasnt sure why but i kept it cause i thought it would be a cute sheer polish/overlay/topcoat - -whatever its called! haha - - [although i hate sheers. haha] i didnt even check the price..and after i bought it, i found out it was only $0.01!! thats right! it was only ONE. PENNY! what. a. deal! haha and then the other 5 polishes were $0.99 each.

my beautiful OPI's =) Suzi Says Feng Shui, Jade Is The New Black, and Dim Sum Plum. $8.00 per OPI bottle. im so bummed that they were out of Mad As A Hatter =(

Ulta's Orange You Glad It's Summer and Vintage Violet. i didnt even know Ulta had their own line of polishes...i sure hope they work well =) the orange polish was $7.50 & the purple was $5.00; the orange polish is wider & newer than the purple one..thats why its more expensive...i think...

i found China Glaze's Heli-Yum and Flyin' High at Ulta. i still need to find the rest of the Up & Away collection. $6.50 each @ Ulta. then at Sally's, The Ten Man was on red-tagged sale for $2.99; but they were having a bigger discount...all red-tagged items were an additional 50% off! PLUS Sally's is having a "buy 2 get 1 free" on their polishes...and red-tagged items are also included in that i ended up getting The Ten Man for about $1.50 and i also picked up..

from left to right, Finger Paint's Palette Pink, Floatin' On A Cloud, Mural, Mural On The Wall, Curator's Coral, and Calligraphic Calico. besides for Floatin' On A Cloud, which i got for $4.49, the other 4 polishes were red-tagged at $3.49 so i got them at $1.75 and then i ended up getting 2 of them for free =)

Studio M's Jade and Frenzy were found at Meijer for $2.99 each. i swear, this brand of polishes used to be called "Massini" cause i have a silver polish in the same bottle that i bought from Meijer too. haha, oh well.

wow! what a haul! im happy with what i got & i wanna go back to Ulta asap! haha

not to mention, last week, i bought Icing's Pick Me & True Blue from Icing. and i also picked up China Glaze's Strawberry Fields, Fairy Dust, and Finger Paint's Add & Abstract at Sally's. i got A&A for free from the buy 2 get one free =) no picture of those polishes though.

oh, just so everyone knows...i am planning on making a tutorial on my Secret Peri-Wink-Le Roses. =) im just trying to figure out a good day to make a video tutorial..since a few people asked if i could do a video tutorial. so please be patient =)

this was a long post! thanks for your time!
hope your weekend is going well! enjoy! =)


  1. you bought sooooo many new nail polishes! hahaha! i really want to see a photo of all your collection! i love the blue china glaze one the bestt! : )

    enter my first giveaway for amazing prizes:

  2. So much nail polish o___o
    How do you store it all?!

  3. Wow, great haul!

    I'd love to get some of those Essence polishes, they look like great colours. Look forward to your swatches.

  4. Omg, you bought so much! :)
    Those colors are amazingg!
    I want the stampy thing!
    Where did you get it?! xD

  5. thanks =) i just bought a new drawer for my polishes...but i have to go buy another one to fit the rest in. haha my polishes are in a semi-mess right now. haha and hopefully i'll be able to swatch them! if not, a few =) and Natasha, i tweeted you back. haha

  6. wow!!so many nail polishes!!!
    i can't afford to buy OPI cos in my country is freakin expensive!!!!goodness...

  7. Amazing haul! You will love Jade is the New Black... I just had it on my nails last week and did a blog post about it :)

  8. Ohh how much I have that Essence is SO much cheaper in America than it is here! :(

  9. wow, you totally went over board with the polishes. lol
    i bought the essence nail stamp kit, and it works just as well as konads. if only they would make more plates, because their line is cheaper than konads. =(

  10. yokeMun, OPI is definitely expensive! even $8..i wasnt sure i wanted to spend that much on it. haha but i sure hope its as good as everyone says it is =)

    Alison, thanks! i've been eyeing Jade is the New Black for a while..i hope its good! =) and i'll check out your blog =)

    Helena, yea, im so surprised that Essence was so cheap!

    Pang, yea! i definitely went over board with the polishes. haha! i tried out the stampy thing too; it was pretty good! hopefully they do come out with more plates!

  11. since you have such creative designs, i can't wait to see your stamping pictures!

  12. What a fabulous haul! Days where I have any kind of nail polish purchase are always a good day for your's must be incredible! :)

  13. it was definitely a good day when i got this stash! haha

  14. Cool! Another Midwest girl with her Meijer. :D I love Meijer for polish, they always have good deals. :) Did you catch the 40% off Sally Hansen a couple weeks ago?

    Keep your eyes open for Mad as a Hatter at Meijer, if they carry OPI at yours. Mine JUST got the Alice in Wonderland collection, as well as the Hong Kong collection. It might just show up at yours. :)

    And you're right, it used to be Studio M. My store still has some Studio M bottles floating around.

  15. thanks for the heads up on the OPI @ Meijer, Erin! i'll definitely be keeping an eye out for those now! haha and sadly, i missed the 40% off Sally Hansens! boo =P haha