Sunday, April 18, 2010

Giveaway Winner is...

before i announce the winner, i just wanna give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who joined! it means a lot to me! and thanks to my old readers & hello to my new readers! ooh! and since this was my first giveaway, it was kinda small... so i wanna do a bigger giveaway next time! =)

here's how i chose the winner:

as each of you entered my giveaway, i wrote down your name & email address.

i cut up all the entries today & then threw them into a bowl. [my hand had a cramp from cutting so many small lines! haha]

then my sister, Salena, helped me pick!

congratulations!!!!! =) [here's a link to Midge's blog]

thanks again, everyone!


  1. omg yay! that's me!! :) hehehe. so psyched! thank you so much! :D

  2. CONGRATS!!! i wish i had won though!! : (

  3. congrats Midge- enjoy you goodies :)

  4. Congrats Midge!

    I've tagged you for an award =)

  5. thanks Berry! i'll check it out soon!