Thursday, April 22, 2010

Basecoats & Zoya

sorry for the lack of updates this week; i've been super lazy & i've only painted my nails once this week! o__O

anyway, for today's post, i wanna just share my experiences with my different basecoats.

Poshe's Nail Strengthening Treatment Basecoat & Nail Life's Gripper.

when i first started doing nail stuff, i used Seche Vite's base coat. after a few months, my nails started chipping & peeling very often so then i switched over to Poshe. its really nail-strengthening! i used it for, probably 6 months?, and my nails really felt stronger; they didnt chip as easily nor peel. but almost a month ago, i read a review for Nail Life's Gripper so i really wanted to try it! i got myself a bottle the same day i read the review & have used it for a month. if you follow me on twitter, you'll notice i complain about my nails chipping. my nails are usually pretty strong but seriously, my nails are chipping and breaking at least twice a week! they are peeling and are unlayered and my nails arent even that long! i have to shorten my nails every single week now! my polish doesnt seem to stay on very long & it peels off quicker. im very disappointed with Nail Life. so im going to switch back to my reliable Poshe basecoat.

im dont venting now. what basecoat[s] do you use? please share =)

on the other hand, im sure you heard of Zoya's Nail Polish Exchange!

i do not own a single Zoya polish in my stash & i REALLY want a few! this is a pretty good deal!: send in at least 6 of your polishes, pick which Zoya polishes you want, and pay $3.50 per bottle. im really considering this!

are you going to be doing the Zoya Exchange? which polishes do you want? which polishes do you recommend? =)

Happy Earth Day!


  1. Thanks for posting the basecoat review! I was using just a Mary Kay one that a friend gave me (hey, it worked! lol), but then switched to Orly's Tough Cookie after hearing it was like holy grail for a lot of people -- I *hate* it! It made my nails weaker than they already were!! (and now I'm annoyed because I'm out like $8 for something I'll never use!)

    Where did you buy the Poshe one? I'd like to try it.

  2. awesome! i havent heard of a Mary Kay one, but i should look into it. haha and the Poshe basecoat, i got from Sally's. hopefully it'll work out well for you too! =)

  3. I did the Zoya Exchange last year, it was really fun! I sent in 10 bottles, (but then it was $3.00 each,) I'm not sure if I'm going to do it this year, but if you know you want to try Zoya then it's definitely worth it because it's cheaper than buying them normally. They have a great color system on the site, I would select a few colors that you know look good on you and just browse. When you see one you like Google search it for swatches. You'll come up with a list really quickly! :)

  4. oh, thanks Asami! kind of a bummer that the price went up from last year...but its still a good deal. i'll go google colors soon =)

  5. I'm definitely doing the Zoya exchange! I've been eyeing the sparkles for THE longest time, and I'm definitely getting ALL the sparkles. HELLO CHARLA! :D I made a list of the colors I'm going to get:

    It's a GREAT deal, IMO, because 10 polishes fit in a flat-rate box! Hooray! :D

    Good luck with yours! Personally, Rea is SUCH a pretty color, and TOTALLY works with Konad-ing! Happy Earth Day! :)

  6. cool, thanks for showing me your list Amy! good luck with yours too! =)

  7. I didn't get to do the Zoya exchange last year but I'm so excited to do it this year. I have a list of Zoyas that I want. And this is the perfect opportunity to trade in some polishes for Zoyas instead of buying them individually.

    I love your post about base coats because I use to use Seche and other drug store brands until I got Essie's Protein Base Coat and Essie's Ridge Filling Base Coat. I'm debating whether I should get the poshe one because my nails do chip and break easily. Where did you buy it? I haven't seen it around the drugstores in my area, I think. LOL

    I really enjoyed this post! :]

  8. I'm looking at Zoyas now and I found more than 10 that I want. I don't even know if I have that many to trade in, LOL! :(

  9. awesome, thanks for sharing Katherine =) im trying to convince my sister to order for me...i think its gunna happen. haha im kind of nervous to look at the polishes cause i might find a lot that i like too! haha

    but i bought Poshe's basecoat at Sally's. if you do get it, i hope it works out well for ya =)

  10. I'm thinking about the zoya exchange, but we should have plenty of time...

    I used to have my nails always break off if I used polish so I have been searching for my perfect fit (if there is such a thing) and I am enjoying good nail growth with SpaRitual Nutri-thick calcium nail builder. I'm finding after a month or so that my nails are still strong and growing, but dry and I have some minor splitting so now I'm considering trying NailTek 3. Good luck in your searches.

  11. ooh! thanks! i'll have to look into those too! havent heard of them. but yes, we definitely have time to think about the zoya exchange =)