Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stampy Attempt

i couldnt decide on what to call this blog post...it doesnt really make sense. haha. and i didnt want to put "konad attempt" cause i dont have konad, i have the essence stampy set. hmm... well, anyway! to the point; heres my first two attempts at stamping..

the polish i used is Essence's Everybody's Talking About; to me, its like... a raspberry red. its more red than it is pink. on my pointer finger, i kinda smeared the polish so the little lines/streaks are part of my mess-up. haha i couldnt completely pick up all of the polish/design off the plate..so on my nails, there were some small spots missing. ha. ha.

i also swatched OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui;

such a beauty!

then i practiced my stamping again;

again, i couldnt exactly pick up the whole design on the plate.

i dont know if its just me...but this stampy set isnt exactly my best friend. but i will give it another shot later. haha

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hope your day is great!


  1. Very pretty, I love Suzi Says Feng Shui....I must get it soon!

  2. Polish & Konad: its definitely a MUST HAVE polish! i liked it when i saw it in swatches, but i like it even more now that i have it! =)

  3. I really like the stamp thing! I think it looks pretty! :) & those colors are gorgeous! I need to find a store around here that carries everything you get! Haha! xD

  4. thanks Natasha =) you'll have a stamp soon..how soon? not sure. hahaha but yes ! definitely find a beauty supply store around you asap!

  5. the opi colour is SOOO STUNNINGG!

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  6. NICE!
    The only time I had trouble with picking up the polish is when I had use an Acetone that had additive that made it slippery so when I would clean the plate and stamper in between it would cause the polish to not pick up. I went back to 100% Acetone with no additives and am doing great again. :)

  7. I think you did awesome for your first time.

    I don't know if the essence plates are metal, but a tip that comes in handy with the konad plates is to take a metal file and file them down if you're having trouble picking up the whole image. Just do it a little at a time until you can pick the whole image up.

    Also it helps to clean them off with pure acetone (because it dries automatically) in between.

    Hope this helps!

  8. priincess, love the OPI color! =)

    Susie, thanks! i'll definitely keep that in mind for next time! =)

    ch3rryco1a, thanks so much! and thanks for the tips! =) i'll try it next time!

  9. persistence is key! konad or not, i don't think anyone's first attempt is satisfactory. keep trying!

  10. ooohh..love the Suzi Says Feng Shui!!!
    i love all kinds of blues!!!lol..
    love the konad tht u did..
    i'm not really a fans of konad cos i saw a lot of ppl did that n i think maybe the design's not the kind i like..but urs really nice!!:)

  11. Emma, youre right..."persistence is key!" i'll definitely keep trying...thanks! =)

    yokeMun, i love the color too =) and thank you, you're so sweet =) haha

  12. Great stamping. I love playing with stuff like that. :)

  13. aww very CUTE!! neat stamping ;)


  14. Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, thank you! and yes, its fun! haha

    Eva, thanks!

  15. I have something similar to Konad too.. I can't pick up the polish from the plate because I don't apply that much force into it. After many attempts, I just gave up on it. :( I love the colors! I'm thinking about getting the OPI one. :D

  16. thanks Katherine! i guess we'll both have to keep trying out stamp thingys..right? haha