Friday, April 2, 2010


here are my nails for Easter:

lets see, i have a "field of eggs" on my thumb, a little "Easter Sunday Dress" on my pointer finger, a bunny, an "decorated Easter egg" and a chicky =)

i probably wont have time to blog any more this weekend - its going to be family-and-food-filled. haha. to all of you, have a Happy Easter! =)

oh, and dont forget to enter in my first giveaway!

have a great weekend!,


  1. those are so CUTEE! the bunnyyy especiallyy! : )

  2. those are too cute. did you just use regular acrylic paint or actual nail polish?

  3. omg...that is so so cute!!!
    love the one on ur thumb n also the chick!!!so cuteee:)
    Happy Easter!!

  4. That would have taken me an entire day! Amazing job! I love the field of eggs.

  5. omg you are the nail art queen! i can't stop staring, that little chick! AWW!

  6. Wow, the field of eggs is very detailed! I love you Easter mani!! It's adorable~

  7. I love the baby chick on your pinky! Too cute. The whole manicure is so detailed and perfect for Easter. Beautiful!

  8. priincess, thanks =)

    Polish & Konad, thank you =)

    Pang, thanks =) i used both nail polish & acrylic paint. most of my nails in this mani were nail polish; the white & black were the only colors when i used acrylic paint.

    yokeMun, thank you =) i hope you had a great Easter too ;)

    April, thanks =) it took quite some time, but not as long as i expected. haha

    Stephanie, thanks =)

    Michèle, aw, you're too sweet! thanks so much ;D

    Kirsten, thank you =)

    Midge, thanks =)

    Sarah, thank you =D

    Cyan, aw, thanks so much =)

    Niki*, thank you =D

    HEATHER, thanks =)

  9. Oh my goodness! I love your mani! The bunny and the little chick are soooooooo cute! ^^ Totally love it! Thanks for being a follower of mine!! ***

  10. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW That is soooo cute :)
    The bunny and chick are just amazinggggggggggg

  11. It is an old topic but i wtill like those eastern nail and I gonna try to create them myself this year :)