Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure

-its going in my "favorite polishes" collection!

my sister, Salena, and i were at Rite-Aid on Sunday and i came across [another] new Sally Hansen display!

this picture was taken with my phone's camera.

at first, i was gunna pick up the beige-y colored polish [fourth one from the right] but then i noticed that last polish; its a flake-y, iridescent polish. i immediately thought of the NFU-Oh polishes & picked it up! --its kinda ironic though, cause just a few days ago, i was looking at swatches of NFU-Oh's & to find one so similar..i was excited!

this one is Hidden Treasure; what a beauty!

i was so excited that i bought it..i tried it that night. i used Nina Ultra Pro Black & China Glaze Flyin High. this picture was taken before i put Hidden Treasure on top & it was taken in my basement with bad lighting..and its kinda blurry -__-

after this picture, i put one coat of HT on. but with the bad lighting... i couldnt take a semi-decent picture..so i waited til Monday morning to take a picture.

wah =) i love it! my camera isnt amazing so this picture isnt all that -__- i also added a few rhinestones to jazz it up a bit.

holding one of my new favorite polishes =) [my hand looks awkward..haha.]

i dont own any NFU-Oh polishes..but i REALLY wanna get a few! [im trynna convince my sister to order me some ;)] so i cant compare the two brands..but when i checked the other week, the price was around $10-12 for a bottle of NFU-Oh ? my Sally Hansen was $7.50 . [where i live, the drug stores sell Sally Hansen's for $6.99-7.99 & Targets sell Sally Hansens for $6.50 but i havent seen this new line @ Target yet.]

have you tried both of them? if so, whats your opinion on them? are you planning on picking up a bottle of Hidden Treasure?

enjoy your day!,

[115pm] oh hey! new layout! i just finished re-coding it! do ya like it? should i switch back? let me know =)


  1. over at makeupalley there is quite a hype about this one (may also be like opulent cloud when it came out)

    some stores don't have it yet and there are a lot of girls who are searching for it everywhere- oh well, it sucks again not living in the us...

  2. Looks so funky!

    I'm feeling so sad that these polishes aren't available here in the Netherlands. I'd love to try them and they look so darn funky!

  3. I have a polish which looks just like that! 'Cept it's by a brand called GOSH c:

  4. amusedPolish; oh really? i havent heard any hype about it. but..theres polishes i would like that arent sold in the US..win-lose situation. haha

    Michelle, yea, its definitely funky! haha

    Anna, really? i dont have any Gosh polishes =( thats cool tho.

  5. oow, it looks cool. gotta go get me one now. =)

  6. First off, I love the color scheme of your layout! (:
    Did you code it yourself? I used to code layouts by myself (mostly xanga and myspace in the past but never blogger)

    So I saw the same display in the Rite Aid a few blocks from my house and I was pretty hesitant on buying them since it's $7.95 a bottle. But after you used Hidden Treasure, I'm really considering to purchase it. I also like the middle 2 bottles (light shimmer turquoise and the metallic silver). Oh another one I saw on display was a charcoal black with silver micro glitter.. that was the one I was hesitant on buying although I've become fond of blacks with microglitters in them. :) You really persuaded me to purchase Hidden Treasure, and I shall! (:

    Love the swatch by the way! :)♥

  7. Maybe I'll consider adding this to my giveaway! :) Which I soon hope to start getting the items for hehe!

  8. its such a fun polish, Pang! when you do get it, have fun =)

    Katherine, thank you! i did code this layout. i used to code my myspace & xanga layouts too! hahah aw, im glad i convinced you go grab a bottle of HT too! its a great polish! and you know what? i was considering putting this polish [a new bottle, not this bottle. haha] in my next giveaway too! haha

  9. awww. that looks so good. it's a shame. wonder if it'll get shipped to Australia. even if it did. it would take ages D:

  10. I like the new layout :)

    Damn, I really want to find that Hidden Treasure...

  11. hidden treasure is really a treasure.. love your mani.. :)

  12. Desiree, thanks!

    Stephanie, glad you like the new layout =) & Hidden Treasure is quite a find; hopefully you'll find it =)

    Jan, thanks! its really a treasure =)

  13. Oh God! Where has this polish been all my life?!!

    Also, love the layout. :)

  14. must get this polish. thursday...after my exam .haha. I will be thinking about it throughout my exam =/

    especially since everyone is going crazy about this polish............I will have to get it. maybe you should get another bottle? for a good trade in the future?

    after seeing a few swatches of fairy dust and your nails i definitely have to get that too.

  15. oh and I really like you new blog layout =)

  16. ch3rryco1a, thanks! and i felt the same way.."where has it been?!" haha but thank goodness i finally found it! hopefully you'll find it too =)

    shortnails, aw, thanks! glad you like the layout! good luck on your exam! focus on that AND THEN focus on the polish after! haha but i am thinking about getting another one soon! maybe as part of my giveaway? haha. but just so you know, fairy dust is the smalllllllllllllllest glitter polish i own, in my one mani that i used fairy dust, i had two other glitter polishes too!

  17. Oh I'm definitely entering in your giveaway, LOL! :) save me the trouble of buying one. I still haven't gotten mine yet since I'm broke x_x

  18. i really wanna try those flakies! major jealousy here!

    nice layout! i liked the colors in your old one better, but this one still has a cute design :)

  19. Katherine, i know what you mean! im so broke too! but i keep buying polish! haha im just gunna slowly buy things for my giveaway - hopefully soon!! maybe... haha

    Emma, haha, the polish is AWESOME! and thanks! glad you like the layout; i liked my other colors too. haha

  20. I bit the bullet and bought Hidden Treasure full price at Rite Aid and I'm glad I did. This one Rite Aid is the only store in the whole friggin' city right now that has this SH collection.

  21. oh wow, really?! im glad you found it though! HT is such a beautiful & fun polish! =)

  22. i know this post was made a while ago, but i actually want to say that im glad someone actually took a picture of the display so i know what im looking for. i dont think we have them yet in MA/NH, because ive searched everywhere for that nail polish. (and i dont feel like ordering nfu-oh online)...but that display looks like those colors are going to be permanent and not LE because there are so many of them and a lot of older SH polishes are being discontinued. aaaannyway, that makes me feel better to know that soon i will see it somewhere and i can calm down. lol