Saturday, April 17, 2010


first reminder: today is the last day to enter in my giveaway!! the deadline is by 11:59pm EST! so if you havent entered, you better hurry! =)

second reminder: i try to follow back all of my followers awesome readers; but lately, i've been forgetting to follow everyone back. so if you are following me & would like me to follow you too, please just comment so i can follow you too =)

have a great weekend!,


  1. Hi Katrina. I'm a new nail blogger and I would love for you to follow me if you can. Thank you for offering. :)

  2. hello katrina.. i love your blog and you deserve a lot of followers honey and i am one of them... thus the give away! :)) ooppsss... not follower -- an awesome reader! lol

    i'm a newbie and here's my site -->

  3. I've really been enjoying your blog. I just awarded you! =)

  4. are you gonna try the 3D art again? (with a 3D "A") :)

  5. awesome, thanks ladies!

    and Anouk..yes...i'll have to try it .. haha =)